i personally think you are the worlds biggest piece of shit

Published April 28th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

i personally think you are the worlds biggest piece of shit, i live in kansas and read your letter to the school board and i have to admit i thought that facism was the most retarded thing i’d ever heard, well now i’m wrong i hope somebody beats your head in with a metal pipe, hey come to wamego kansas and i’m sure somebody can make sure that happens
sincerely joe [removed]
life long catholic
redneck and proud of it
WHS Football lineman GO! Raiders

[I added the bold. -bobby]

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  1. Cocasian says:

    how very christian of you?!?
    If you have so much faith in God, why don’t you hope that we go to hell for our beliefs and suffer there like the pieces of shit that we are? Because I guess it’s not enough for us to suffer for eternity…. is it?
    I guess Jesus died for you… so you could fight for his cause.
    Maybe you should take a 2nd read of that book you’ve been following… or possibly a 1st read b/c nothing you are saying shows me that you have read it at all.

  2. youoxymoron says:

    i wish people would just leave us and our beliefs alone. We don’t criticise other people’s religion (no matter how ridiculous we think it is) all we ask is that we aren’t given a lower standard than other religions or sects. and that people consider the benefits of wearing an eye patch.

  3. St John the Blasphemist says:

    Facism. Is that like a theory or doctrine based on the face? Sounds fun.
    You’d probably be able to sell it a little better if you didn’t make such fascist statements about beating people’s heads in.
    St John the Blasphemist
    Saint of Faecism (don’t even go there)

  4. StJason says:


    Is it really that hard to find the ‘shift’ key? How about the ‘period’?

    By giving this to us, we already know you are a drooling asshat, why not sew some seeds of doubt and at least try and stick to the basics of grammar?

    Hey, Bobby, how do you resist not submitting these guys to every spam-generator and porn signup ever made? I don’t think I could resist the urge to burst his inbox with Martha Stewart and Teens in Bondage.

  5. Theo says:

    Raiders… lol. That’s that team that – for 2 decades now – is milking the name they made in in 80s??
    I moved my madden franchize team and named them the Pirates.
    Half their home games are played in the snow. Coincidence?

  6. Chris says:

    dude, this religion is just as far out as yours, just because it’s different doesn’t give u any reason to badmouth it, give everyone a chance :)

  7. Scooter says:

    WHS Raiders? Check out their Science Department:


    Go ahead and click on the link: “Integrated Science Lessons Web Page”

    And regarding his failings in punctuation and grammar:


    As a good Pastafarian, I am only presenting the evidence. It is up to you to make your own decision about what you read.

  8. Tapio says:

    have you ever heard of the expression “you shall not judge” from the bible?
    seems as you have not.
    so Meeeh! on you and see you in hell!(if it does exist)

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