I just wanted to say

Published April 16th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

i just wanted to say that im glad that you have brought FSM back to the people because i was starting to lose hope, basically i just wanted to say thank you, and that i hopefully will see you all oneday in heaven where we be chilling on the side of our sweet beer mountain, with a perfect view of the stripper factory making my dream stripper…. you know with a big bag of buddah and a fresh bowl of our heavly spaghetti… and we will all be laughing at the people who doubted our “stupid religion”..

15 Responses to “I just wanted to say”

  1. Meisha says:

    Oh, I didn’t know there was beer in FSM heaven! Sweet. Now I feel even better about being a Pastafarian.

  2. Elise the Pirate says:

    Ahrr, Ramen to that, hope to se all ye buccaneers on the Volcano of beer, with spaghetti, and a chubby nerd stripper for me.

  3. John says:

    RAmen to that

  4. someonewithabrain says:

    will the beer be regular beer or mystical FSM beer?

  5. ME DUH says:

    ahhhh thanks. I’m getting sick of hate mail.
    Meisha, get a clue!! You seriously need to buy the Gospel.

    Peace Love and Pirates!!!!!

  6. ME DUH says:

    I though I would die of hate mail.

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