i don’t quite get why

Published April 4th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I don’t quite get why you want to push creation-ism back into schools. I mean, we already have enough of it there, just not the right kind of stuff. I mean, kids trying to kill their teacher in like Georgia or something? What’s up with that and how did they get the time or even freaking idea to do it? Anyway, my point is, encourage good creation-ism, not they creation-ism that they have now. Just wanted to say hey. My guy-friend told me about this.


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  1. BlackBard says:

    Did you hear a whooshing noise overhead? Maybe you guy-friend can explain, but somehow I doubt it.
    Prophet Bobby,
    It’s getting worse. Can’t you say something to His Noodlyness for some relief?

  2. The Pirate...guy says:

    “I don’t quite get why you want to push creation-ism back into schools.”

    “Anyway, my point is, encourage good creation-ism, not they creation-ism that they have now.”

    …What? We don’t want to push creationism in schools at all. We’re AGAINST the theory of evolution in schools.

    So…what was the point of your post again? Because it doesn’t seem like you really get the point.

  3. Robofish says:

    what i like there is how you say “good creation-ism”. Which parts exactly are the good parts, and which are the bad? If your reffering to specific religions then I dont think i even need bother reply, If you mean good parts and bad parts of all religions which you seem to considering the “kids trying to kill their teacher in like Georgia” comment, then perhaps you would be interested to know, pastafarianism is the only religion that no one has ever killed in the name of (so far(and most likely for the forseeable future)).

  4. Benji says:

    We want to push the FSM creationism in school IF AND ONLY IF other creationisms are taught. It is a question of fairness, nothing more.
    Good creationism, as you state it, would in our sense the teaching of all the creation theory : hindu, judeo-christian, muslim, amerindian legends, greek and roman mythology, inuit legends, and of course, Pastafarianism and so on. Or it would be not to teach them at all. But we cannot promote one in particular, which is not constitutionnal anyway.
    By the way, if you wander around on the site, you might want to look at the evidence we have for our beliefs : it is by fare more convincing that the one for “classical” creationism.
    Hail the FSM! RAmen.

  5. Cheeetar says:

    You see, the thing is, we don’t want creationism in schools. We are against creationism in schools. I think your guy-friend missed the point entirely.

  6. Macallan says:

    FSM schmeiss Hirn vom Himmel.

  7. anonymous says:

    I’d be annoyed about having someone who failed so completely at understanding the point behind Pastafarianism and the FSM, but I already deal with enough 30yr olds that far behind in kindergarten that a misunderstanding at this level almost looks hopeful.

  8. Tar says:

    Uh….yeah, like everybody said. You missed the point.
    We’re not for creationism. We us our own creationism theory as a reason against teaching intelligent design in a science class.
    At least you clearly understand creationism has been doing bad things in our US culture.

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