i don’t quite get why

Published April 4th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I don’t quite get why you want to push creation-ism back into schools. I mean, we already have enough of it there, just not the right kind of stuff. I mean, kids trying to kill their teacher in like Georgia or something? What’s up with that and how did they get the time or even freaking idea to do it? Anyway, my point is, encourage good creation-ism, not they creation-ism that they have now. Just wanted to say hey. My guy-friend told me about this.


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  1. Captain Noodle says:

    Some train of thought, eh?

  2. sehr gut! says:

    there is no “good creation-ism”

  3. mentos says:

    Because creationism is a violation to the seperation between church and state.

  4. Francesc says:

    I doubt that I get the point…what’s exactly “good creationism”? What’s the relation with these “kids trying to kill”? Are you sure that’s hate mail? How old is she???

  5. Paul The Burptist says:

    Dear Kaliber – thank you for your concerned comment. May I ask that you spend a little time reviewing tis website, and perhaps after a little reading and research you might like to repost, but this time somewhere in the vicinity of reality.

  6. irate Pirate says:

    Did you say “good creationism” ?
    Would that be akin to “good retardation” or “good rectal cancer” ?
    Seriously, go back & read the letter to the Kansas school board but this time take your head out of your ass BEFORE you commence. Its much more understandable that way.
    Paul M.
    Windsor, Ontario
    Canada…confirmed Pirate.

  7. mikeb says:

    I think I speak for everyone when I say “Huh?”

  8. Len Guini says:

    good kind of creationism? That’s what we’re doing here. could someone here define “good kind”, please?

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