I can’t understand

Published April 4th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

This is not hatemail, and it’s not exactly concerned-criticism .. but can anyone help him out?

I can’t understand what it is that you are basing your beliefs on. I especially can’t understand how you actually worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Please help me understand as I am interested in the religion, I just can’t fully understand it.

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  1. Ubi Dubium says:

    Well said, R.K.

    Yarrr and RAmen!

  2. Michael says:

    Replace every ‘God/Lord/Creator’ in the bible with FSM and his noodly appendages will reach you and you will see.


  3. Franko says:

    Dude, DUDE!! … CHIPster! … It’s easy! The Spaghetti is All and All is the Spaghetti! The Alpha and the Omega, the Parmesan and the Romano. Actually and Full(tumm)y. Don’t try to understand, just do, just obey. And purchase Pirate Regalia. Only then shall thee be redeemed by the Noodly Appendage and save others from the warming of the globe.

    That’s how to Worship, Wor-ship, War-Ship! – L-U-V!

  4. parker says:

    The smart ones of us don’t really believe in FSM. We’re trying to make a point. We’re pretty much all athiests, which, if you don’t know, is just another word for somebody who has a philosophical intelligence. There are some that actually believe, but they’re what we’re attacking. You will get a kick off of reading the hatemail. The “sheep” who take the bible literally are making fun of themselves. “how could yall’ b’lieve in this sp’ghti thing. You are all a bunch of wakcoes.” That’s not a real quote of course, but I think it gets the point accross. (Sorry if I don’t make much sense, I’m 13 but I hope you get my point)

  5. Earthbreaker says:

    It is the only religion which essentially says to it’s followers: Enjoy.

  6. Tapio says:

    Well i know that can seem a bit strange, though even i had my doubts in the begining, a flying spaghetti monster C’MON!? but after studing the pastafarian ways I just felt “This is it” you may say i am a foolbut i think not, though i always had this feeling i just could not explain it, untill i found FSM the Noodly Appndge ot was that i feelt all the time it was this i been looking for, then what seems right for me might not be the right for you, what doo i know you might belive in something crazy as a invisible pink unicorn but if that is what feel right for you it might be so cuse you never know what realy going on untill its to late too change your views your belifes your entire life, all you can doo is to find what you think is right and pray that that is the real thing and hope not to be punished if it is wrong.

  7. travis d says:

    its really quite simple chip. it is about the rejection of all earthly religions. although they have there words of wisdom here and there, they are all quite laughable. Pastafariism is more about finding the truth for your self

  8. Christopher Seemann says:

    in all reality chip its about Intellegent design and how it’s full of shit

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