Interview at Helium.com

Published April 7th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Brian Duncan was nice enough to interview me for a Helium.com article.

An excerpt:

Q) Many people claim that Pastafarianism was created solely as an assault
to the Christians. How do you respond to this?

A) FSM was not created as an assault on Christianity or any other religion.
You could make the argument that it was to assault dogma and religion’s
disrespect of the separation of church and state. But, no matter how it
started, FSM is, today, seen as a legitimate religion by thousands of its
members. Many of us get something out of being Pastafarians; we enjoy being
part of this community. If it offends Christians, that was not our
intention. I like Jesus. I think he would have been a Pastafarian, had he
known about the FSM in his time.

You can find the entire interview here.

Anyone else notice the Scientology ads all over that page? Ha.

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  1. Pastaviking says:

    The funny thing is that when Jesus was a rebel wanting to do things differently, many of the christian churches are difiantly conservative. If they really want to follow his example, they would do things differently when needed but follow his spirit, but they do the opposite. Now they do and say things the same way as always, even though people get hurt.

    He would definitively have been a Pastafarian. I see Jesus as a man (a good one), not as His son. As far as I know FSM don’t have a son. But maybe it was His daughter who startet the stripper factory?

  2. James D King of Pirates says:

    Yes people are taking us more seriously now! woohoo to henderbob woohoo to us all, and yes jesus is a pastafarian at heart.

  3. Daniel says:

    was this a telephone interview? or online? or in person? because there are a few spelling and syntax errors (ie “Once and a while”). I’m sorry to say but I agree with his 1 out of 5 on writing…

    Apart from that it’s nice to see a religious leader who doesn’t constantly contradict himself when talking about his beliefs.

  4. Gman says:

    “Trouble loading page” when i click on the link.

    You said Scientology had ads there? Maybe anonymous is having some fun with the site? We’ll see, won’t we.

  5. Gman says:

    @ last comment (by me)

    April 12, 2008; be there!

  6. jeremykeys says:

    Just wondering but this could be the fastest growing Religion in the world right now. Any ideas?

  7. ME DUH says:

    Nice going Bobby!!!!! Good, honest answers!! @jeremykeys: I think that you should write an email and email it to at least 5 people. (Or otherwise tell them.) Convince them to have a look around the site, I would suggest having them watch that very informative video-thing in the Worship tab. If they like it, have them do the same. Start a thread on it in a forum somewhere else. Do something outrageous to get it into the news. Or if you live in a small town, convince the local paper to do a story on it.

    May the FSM spread His Noodly Appendage around all!! Peace Love and Pirates!!

  8. parker says:

    I don’t know if he would be a pastafarian, he doesn’t come off as the sarcastic type. He definitely would hate the Christian church. Jesus was the son of god. They taught that everybody was a child of god. When people said, “You are the king of the Jews?” He replied, “You say I am” He never said yes. I think he did believe and God and all, but Atheism wasn’t around then, and that is a thing that is extremely hard to come up with. (I’m sure it was around but it wasn’t as developed as it is today, they haven’t seen all the destruction that religion has done) I think if he was smart, which I very well think he was, he would be an atheist. I bet he did do amazing things, but they were exaggerated when Matt, Mark, Luke and Johnny wrote the gospels 70 years later, as well as when Constantine edited it 400 years later. You’re right about the Pastafarianism not being aimed specifically at Christians, but focused on that more because it is the major religion. (Although Islam is becoming a close second, but mostly in parts of the world like Africa and the Middle East.) What do you think would happen if China discovered religion? (Sorry, random, popped into my head but needs to be said.) It would be really baaaad.

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