best google doodle I’ve ever seen

Published April 3rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Google.com is having a “Doodle 4 Google” contest and my Graphic Design class was requested to participate as an assignment.

Of course I used this as a medium to spread His noodly goodness.

I received much praise for the piece and I would like to share it with my fellow Pastafarian’s worldwide.

Eric W.

I like it – best google doodle I’ve seen. It will be a happy day for all of us when google puts it up.

64 Responses to “best google doodle I’ve ever seen”

  1. amorphousblob says:

    praise be unto thy noodliness, oh levitous linguine assemblage of light! i have seen the pesto, and it is green! let google be saved, by thy noodly appendage!

  2. mimiangel says:

    That is really weird for a church they must beeeeee crrraaxxyyyyyyy!

  3. ME DUH says:

    mimiangel, we are not crazy. How is a Flying Spaghetti Monster any weirder or less believable than, say, the Hindu gods and goddesses with a LOT of heads and arms? Some of them look a bit like the FSM. And of course, Moses talking to a burning bush? Does any of it really make sense? Nevertheless, we choose to put our faith in His Noodly Appendage.

    Also, you spelled “crazy” wrong.

    Peace, Love, and Pirates to all! May you all be bathed in the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s warm Sauce when Parmageddon comes.


  4. David H says:

    Benedicat vobis pater noster Monstrum Volans Pastagenitum, per saecula spaghettorum Ramen.

  5. Alexander says:

    It would have a better chance of winning if you drew the whole thing

  6. cheesyrice says:

    thats cool,i used to think i was a good drawer but you are heaps good its very nice, cant wait till it comes on google

  7. rose says:

    yo this is horible my google is in the finals

  8. Mac Arud says:

    yor rite it is kul mi frend thot it waz a monztr wiff coconuts hahaha!

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