FSM Sculpture at Microsoft

Published April 19th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Pastafarian Mark found this sculpture while exploring the Microsoft campus.

So I tend to wander around the buildings at Microsoft just to get some exercise and see what is up, and we have a big collection of art on campus that gets rotated between buildings every year or so. So I generally expect to see some interesting things in the halls. So while I was over in Building 4 the other day (location of the closest espresso stand) and I notice some odd sculpture on the second floor balcony. Going upstairs, what do I find? A sculpture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Now that’s some pretty cool art.

I have heard rumors of this sculpture and that Bill G, himself, commissioned its creation. I was skeptical of its existence and have always had trouble believing that Bill G was in fact a devout Pastafarian, but this photo has changed everything.

Thanks Mark!

You can check out Mark’s account of his discovery on his blog here.

35 Responses to “FSM Sculpture at Microsoft”

  1. Guard of the Great Bowtie Citadel: Alfredo S. Auce says:

    Alas! They hath seen the virtue of His Noodliness! HE has touched Microsoft with his noodly appendage and thus has spoken! I shall no longer use my iPod and shall switch to a ZUNE. No wonder I’ve been getting a warm fuzzy feeling when sitting down at my PC, and this cold and empty feeling when I’m near my iPod or when running iTunes…

    Praise be to HIM!

  2. Arve says:

    Bah! They is just trying to purchase their way to the good beer! I shan’t be swayed by their ruse.

  3. NoBeard Johnson says:

    @cdavis re: post #22.

    No. He is the antipasta.

  4. thunderchunky says:

    i, my self, STILL dont understand what the fsm really is…

  5. kurt cobain1 says:

    cool i did not know that bill gates was a true beliver

  6. Last Hussar says:

    So both MS and Apple are controlled by His Noodleness- this is beginning to look very Illumanti- Next you will be saying there is a picture of Rumsfeld shaking Saddams hand to seal an arms deal…

  7. Joel says:

    His Noodleness must have touched Bill Gates and Microsoft somehow with Windows 7. I use the RC and it’s already got my full approval! Even some of the desktop backgrounds in the nature theme, remind me of his presence.

  8. Deck Lighting says:

    gaming computers should have multiple cpu cores and a lot of memory to support those heavy graphics ~;,

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