FSM Sculpture at Microsoft

Published April 19th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Pastafarian Mark found this sculpture while exploring the Microsoft campus.

So I tend to wander around the buildings at Microsoft just to get some exercise and see what is up, and we have a big collection of art on campus that gets rotated between buildings every year or so. So I generally expect to see some interesting things in the halls. So while I was over in Building 4 the other day (location of the closest espresso stand) and I notice some odd sculpture on the second floor balcony. Going upstairs, what do I find? A sculpture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Now that’s some pretty cool art.

I have heard rumors of this sculpture and that Bill G, himself, commissioned its creation. I was skeptical of its existence and have always had trouble believing that Bill G was in fact a devout Pastafarian, but this photo has changed everything.

Thanks Mark!

You can check out Mark’s account of his discovery on his blog here.

35 Responses to “FSM Sculpture at Microsoft”

  1. Barnacle Bill the Sailor says:

    Me thinks that be a very fine sculpture indeed!

  2. Captian Priest Stephen of Huntingdon College says:

    So all those annoying features of Vista is just the FSM teaching us humility and patience.

  3. Fizzmick Pa Chee says:

    I should correct my statement about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet being Atheists. I believe that they are Agnostic with Atheist leanings. – Fizz

  4. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Elise the Pirate Apr 23rd, 2008 at 11:08 pm

    “I made a FSM for myself out of Mardi Gras beads (’cause I’m a Cajun), so where do I post the pictures to share with y’all?”
    Hi Elise
    Email them to Bobby. His addy is just over on lower right of the screen.

  5. jeremykeys says:

    XP=Excellent Pasta
    Vista doesn’t.

  6. cdavis says:

    This is all very charming, but I’m afraid Gates is still the Antichrist.


  7. Tapio says:

    maby it’s time too forgive Microsoft for all the blue screens he provided us?? i guess you don’t need to be perfect to become a true pastafarian.
    Cheers to B. Gates AntiChrist a pastafarian; pirate(who making the biggest ripoff) *Microsoft Sam deafult voice*

  8. Dr. Dot says:

    Being a radical moderate and a devout atheist as well as a frothing Unix sysadmin, I too find it difficult to believe that BILL theGATESofhell could be anything but the antichrist. However, when taking the long view of TheBlueScreenOfDeath, one must take a view at just what Small ‘n Flaccid Software is trying(*) to accomplish. They’re trying(*) to develop an operating system(**) that will be everything to everyone at all times. They need to build facilities and have an operating system(**) that will be able to support even the most bleeding edge piece of hardware that comes out of Fred ‘n Sid’s Garage dot com, all without leaving gaping security holes, and all without crashing. Couple this with the fact that a not insignificant number of systems are hooked to the internet, directly, sans firewall, and are operated by people who believe U and R are actually complete words, and tend to use more punctuation than actual characters, by weight and volume. A daunting task indeed.

    And in my extremely in-depth survey(***) involving a wide variety of hardware, I’d have to estimate that, at minimum, 20% of the BSoDs out there can be directly attributed to faulty third-party drivers. They need to provide facilities to function with/protect against whatever garbage happens to fall into one of the expansion slots. Thank He Who Is Most Carbolicious that alternatives are available, or I might have had to take up another line of work, such as street corner preacher, dock worker, or airline pilot (not a bright future for an atheist with a bad back and a distinct fear of heights).

    Anyway, I’ll leave it up to the more technical amongst us to derive the origin of the remaining 80%.


    (*) BOY are they trying.

    (**) Note the capitalization.

    (***) Dr. Dot’s In-Depth Survey, A Brush with Insanity, PC and Windows Admin. An in-depth survey involving two laptops and a dusty Pentium-based PC in my neighbor’s basement. It gives a detailed assessment as to just why I converted to Mac and never turned back. Available at Amazon.com or your neighborhood bookseller.(****)

    (****) OK, so it’s not available yet. It will be, someday, though!

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