FSM Sculpture at Microsoft

Published April 19th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Pastafarian Mark found this sculpture while exploring the Microsoft campus.

So I tend to wander around the buildings at Microsoft just to get some exercise and see what is up, and we have a big collection of art on campus that gets rotated between buildings every year or so. So I generally expect to see some interesting things in the halls. So while I was over in Building 4 the other day (location of the closest espresso stand) and I notice some odd sculpture on the second floor balcony. Going upstairs, what do I find? A sculpture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Now that’s some pretty cool art.

I have heard rumors of this sculpture and that Bill G, himself, commissioned its creation. I was skeptical of its existence and have always had trouble believing that Bill G was in fact a devout Pastafarian, but this photo has changed everything.

Thanks Mark!

You can check out Mark’s account of his discovery on his blog here.

35 Responses to “FSM Sculpture at Microsoft”

  1. Korgan says:

    Aye. All deserved jokes about spaghetti code aside, good to see His noodly presence in such a place.

    The Secret Tortellini Sect has the solution, though, through better yet flexible compartmentalization and wrapping. The bugs even get baked in, but aren’t alive.


  2. Kender says:

    Now if we can just get Steve Jobs to put one up on the Mac campus the world would know true peace

    Pasta be with you,

  3. flyingspaghettiapostle says:

    He’s extremely intelligent what do you expect?

  4. Joe Blow says:

    “(don’t believe me, “upgrade” to Vista sometime”

    er no thanks….I am buying a new tech-built gaming computer and and we agreed that Vista was for Dummies and would stay with XP

  5. Fizzmick Pa Chee says:

    Bill Gates is known to be an Atheist, as is Warren Buffet.

  6. Boarg says:

    I must add my voice to the Vista “upgrade” opinion expressed here. Hopefully His Noodly Appendage is there to fix it with His noodly touch.
    p.s. Not a Microsoft hater, just frequently annoyed.

  7. James D King of Pirates says:

    i bet they dont face discrimiation, they have bill gates on their sides.
    RAmen to them

  8. Elise the Pirate says:

    AMAZING!! what a glorious tribute to his Noodlyness!
    great to have Bill Gates as a devoted Pastafarian.
    I made a FSM for myself out of Mardi Gras beads (’cause I’m a Cajun), so where do I post the pictures to share with y’all?
    Peace and Ramen
    I’m pirateanarchist on the forums

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