fsm nebula

Published April 4th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Do you see the resemblance?

23 Responses to “fsm nebula”

  1. Josh says:

    It looks soooo much like Him.


  2. ME DUH says:

    Yes!!!!! His Noodly Appendage is everywhere!! The question is, does He appear to remind us of His existence, or to get across some profound message? Perhaps He is appearing in a nebula to inform us that He has created a whole race of children! (By which I mean children created in His image, unlike us.) Perhaps these children will come to our planet and Parmageddon will happen at last! Those who have heard the FSM’s call will be rewarded, and who knows about the rest of mankind?

  3. Taytayflan says:

    I wonder if he’s telepathic, so he doesn’t need eyes at that size…

  4. Papa John says:

    And some would call this the ‘Ant’ Nebula! I smell a cover-up…

  5. Newly found FSM worshipper says:

    I’m havin’ pasta tonight and I swear I can see his Noodlyness,but only faintly, just faintly. He his messing with my optics, I know it!

  6. diane b. watts says:

    I have numerous troubles with my web browser goAnywhere! on your web site. The chimpanzees are still in the system :(.

  7. the vatican flag says:

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