Do you know any building that did not have a builder?

Published April 11th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

1. Do you know any building that did not have a builder? Yes? No?
2. Do you know any painting that did not have a painter? Yes? No?
3. Do you know any car that did not have a maker? Yes? No?
If you answered “Yes” to any of those statements… please give details:______________________…

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  1. Earthbreaker says:

    Build me a waterfall!

  2. RedBearded Pirate says:

    Don’t worry Joe, I just don’t know who to address it to when we get anonymous Hate.

  3. Aviendha says:

    In reading the past posts, this book came to mind:

    “The Blind Watchmaker”
    By Richard Dawkins

    If you are arguing that nature must have had a ‘creator’ then you need to read this book to help explain to you it is very possible for nature not to have needed one.

  4. Tapio says:

    1, YEAH!
    2, yes…
    3, well ofcourse

    and then what details do you want?

    and what has this to do with hatemail too do?

    i dont see anny thing about that either I or my belifes sucks

    and if you are asking about who created the universe, thats simple FSM did.
    or if you wonder who created FSM, let me ask you then who created the abrahimic(spelling!?) god, who created who made BIG Bang? you can ask those questions all you want but you never going to find the right or lodgical answer that you are looking for though i guess you wont belive that FSM created himself, though that is not in your way of lodgic(I am just guessing) soo the only way you can get those answers is if you get some faith, make your own belifes if anny other suits you, cuse i can say That i belive in the FSM but then i also think that questions as who created the begining of all is irrelivant(spelling!?) and that you will get the awnser sooner or later, but just not in this life though even as it is now if anny one putted the true awnser at your feet you would not belive in it though your not raised too have that lodgic.

    sorry for bad spelling and grammar.

  5. mikey says:

    i think think they are just trying to point out that the fsm hand-crafted your mothers womb custom built just for you.

  6. Crystal says:

    I once met some spaghetti that had painted a painting.

  7. lcpinho says:

    Do you know any god (of any religion, politheistic or not) that did not have a godmaker? Yes? No?

  8. Spop says:

    If you assume everything has a creator, it then whatever’s at the beginning of the chain would have to have a creator as well. The only logical solution is that time, and therefore, the universe, actually had a beginning, which is supported by the scientific evidence that we can only see light from stars about 14 billion light years away (it tells us the universe began about 14 billion years ago). Time is a ray; naturally ifinite in the direction we’re going. It therefore needs no creator.

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