cornfield evidence

Published April 9th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

In stead of the arty circle shaped masterpieces – He usually makes – He created this self-portrait.

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  1. BlackBard says:

    Get your head out of your arse. henderbob, AKA the Prophet Bobby Henderson, may he always be bathed in the warmth of His Sauce, is the founder of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and author of our Holy text, “The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It is through his heroic efforts that Pastafarianism has enjoyed such tremendous growth and acceptance. He is the one who guides us through this divine web site.
    Please read “the letter” for further study.

  2. breakinpoint says:


    Are you really that oblivious?
    How blasphemous that you decide to say such horrible things about our prophet…

    May you be touched by his noodly appendages.

  3. Ted Goas says:

    I second the drunk-driving comments…

  4. SigmaElement says:

    i think that The FSM created this self portrait and then inserted fake memories on some people, so they would tell that it was a chase. but we, believers, as we cas see beyod whats obvious, we know it was FSM doings.

    Its a great piece of art, thanks FSM for givin us the chance of rejoicing in you greatness.

    (sorry if my english isnt very good, as english is not my mother lenguage)

  5. parker says:

    Every time I read these comments I seriously get smarter.

  6. guaicaipuro says:

    hello im a new pastafarian from venezuela

  7. Chundermutton says:

    Shame on the man – destroying all that wheat which could have been used for pasta-creation purposes

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