cornfield evidence

Published April 9th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

In stead of the arty circle shaped masterpieces – He usually makes – He created this self-portrait.

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  1. Gold Dragon says:

    I remember seeing it in a newspaper about six months ago. It happened somewhere in the uk. Some drunken idiot went for a ride and messed up someones field trying to get away from the police. Good picture, though I’ve got to feel sorry for the farmer, they’re hard enough pushed in this country without some looser destroying a field full of crops for them.

  2. James D King of Pirates says:

    The noodle works in mysterious ways, if a police chace through a cornfeild can create his image, anything can.

  3. PacificPam says:


  4. inufan5 says:

    And thats where creemed corn comes from, high kids running from the cops.

  5. Pope Pixel I says:

    It looks like the car in the bushes at the bottom left of the picture might be whoever it was.

  6. Robert says:

    you can see where the guy entered and exited and drove his car around. entrance is to to the far left and exit is to the bottom. you can even see the car in the ditch and bobby cars(cops) that is defiantly a car you can see to tire marks on the ground where he drove. thanks allot for destroying our pasta fields or wheat jerk.

  7. chaos says:

    Amazing, how the will of the Flying Spaghetti can guide someone in the throes of highness (the bad kind) into creating such a perfect likeness. As for the wreck, someone was probably pulled off of the road by a stray noodle.

  8. Artilyz says:

    Look henderob, stop making loads of posts and signing them as other people it’s pissing me of dickhead. We can see you’re name you know.

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