You guys

Published March 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You guys are seriously fucked up…

I’ll pray for you :)


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  1. Markus says:

    Why are WE fucked up…? We just like pasta and beer volcanoes…and we are capable of a message more than 2 sentences long.

  2. Markasaurus says:

    Why are we fucked up, and who are you to judge?

  3. Baked Ziti w/ Mussells says:

    Hey!!!!! ….
    yes, yes we are seriously fucked up, probably due to the Christian values shoved down our throats from birth by people who use Jesus’s words selectively to hammer others down and mold them into THEIR vision of what a good person should be, not what Jesus would want them to be.
    Why do all you bible thumping Christians forget his Most important words from the bible?
    “Let NO man come unto me but by his own free will”
    So pray all you like just remember that NOWHERE in the bible does it say that any of the Trinity will answer a prayer to effect another persons freewill.
    I hope you enjoy the keelhaul you get in hell.

  4. hexhunter says:

    HaHa I love these people.

    Just keep at it, I’m sure that you’ll convert someone sometime with your stupid bully tactics. But you wont be doing bad though, because you have god.

    Deus Ex Machina. RAmen…

  5. peevypirate says:

    Pray for us?!! Just send beer, drugs, loud music, food or pasta recipes. Even bad advice has it’s uses. Praying for us?!! Save the time and effort used in prayer, put it to productive use, try to grasp someone elses point of view, Pray for us?!! Praying is a cop out for having a Positive Attitude and an underhand way of controling others, so save your facist prayers and eat some pasta.

  6. Swiss Chris says:

    Au contraire, let us pray for you. Don’t worry, His Noodly Appendage will touch you too.


  7. Theos says:

    Thanks for the prayers.
    One more thing… do they help?

  8. lazlow says:

    “I’ll pray for you :)”

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