You guys

Published March 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You guys are seriously fucked up…

I’ll pray for you :)


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  1. Pirate Ed says:

    I’ve been f*#%-up all my life. It’s worked for me so far…..I see no reason to change now.

    And we do appreciate that you, mariahjosh, pray that his/her great noodliness blesses us all here at the Church of the FSM.

    RAmen brother/sister :)

  2. breakinpoint says:

    Well platypi are also “seriously fucked up”.

    Shall you pray for them also?

  3. GodlessHeathen says:

    Thanks for praying for us.

    Next time I’m involved in a forceful boarding of a ship (yes, I try to do my part to combat global warming) I’ll yell out “This one’s for mariahjosh!” when I swash some poor sap’s buckle. It’s only fair.

  4. JTown Barrett says:

    Please, if you pray for us, pray to the sun.
    At least you can see it. You know it keeps you warm, provides you with solar energy, makes your crops grow, and many, many, other things.
    And praying to the sun has about the same success rate as praying to god.

  5. Pastor Arabbiatta says:

    Perhaps (apart from remembering that good followers of that nice Jesus chappie are meant to refrain from profanity), mariahjosh could go and read Matthew 6:6?

    If his prayer, bone-pointing, voodoo-doll puncture or whatever is so powerful, why doesn’t he just get on with it already, and let it have whatever effect it will have?

    Grate is His Parmesan!
    Pastor Arabbiatta

  6. brittni_lover_of_RAmen says:

    If you pray for us, make sure its to our noodly god!

    peace love and pirates


  7. elbrith says:

    dear god, how r u?:)
    i luv u pls help em pls asl? ok thx c ya:)

  8. Vim Fuego says:

    YOU guys have no sense of humour or tolerance. I’ll keelhaul a scurvy dog for ye! AAARRRRRRR

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