You guys

Published March 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You guys are seriously fucked up…

I’ll pray for you :)


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  1. higgy says:

    you think your fucking funny dont you, your the one who’s fucked up… if you actualy know about your religion… youd know you’ll be going to the christian hell for bashing another religion like that… so in short fuck off and die

  2. Sarah says:

    @Ex-Captain Etay
    Where you come from, do people refer to others they care about at “fucked up”? If they do, my apologies, but where I come from the use of the term “fucked-up” is an insult and a threat, not an expression of caring; I can hardly blame my fellow pastafarians for coming to the same conclusion.

    @a confused ekklesia
    I’m afraid you misunderstand us greatly if you think that we do not test evolution. Scientists test evolution constantly; that is the very essence of the scientific method. As for you “fun facts” the first three, even if they are true (and I’m doubting that) they certainly do not “disprove” evolution. They would certainly require us to revaluate the meanings of those specific specimens, but the existing evidence in favor of the existence of the process of evolution certainly does not by a long shot rely on those specimens alone. As for your “fact” concerning carbon dating, has anyone ever found the hypothetical specimen you mentioned above? I’m guessing not, as I’d have expected you to mention if it if they had, and until someone has, your statement remains a hypothesis and not a fact.

    In case you are actually interested in the testing that is constantly applied to evolutionary theory, here are some of my favorite examples: the sexual selection peacock experiments (Do peahens prefer mates with larger and more extravagant tails? They do!), the Galapagos island finch studies (Do environmental changes cause individual finches to produce more or less offspring depending on the size of their beaks? Yes!), the discovery of the fossils of multiple “missing link” species between land mammals and whales (said species now number in the dozens), and finally the massive number of studies concerning the rate of evolution, which have concluded that evolutionary change occurs on response to environmental change, and thus can occur quickly (this, by the way, refutes Darwin’s hypothesis that evolutionary change need be slow and gradual, and is a prime example, contrary to the claims of IDers’ and Creationists’, of scientists following the evidence instead of merely assuming Darwin’s hypotheses to be fact). Have a like number of scientific tests been applied to the ideas of Creationism? It is my understanding that they have not, but if you are aware of such studies, please let me know; I would be very interested in any alternate scientific theories to evolution.

    May all be touched by his noodely appendage!

  3. Ubi Dubium says:

    @ a confused ekklesia

    Yes you are indeed confused.

    “Did you guys know that the Nebraska man was made from a tooth, but quite some time later, someone figured out the tooth belonged to an extinct pig? Did oyu know that everyone’s favorite Neanderthal man was really the bones of an old man suffering from arthiritis? Did you guys know thats there is no difference between the Cro magnon and the Homo Sapien Sapiens of today?”

    Nebraska Man was a preliminary attempt made in 1922 to identify a single fossil tooth. By 1925, more of the skeleton was found, and it was clearly a pig. It’s been a non-issue since then. Why would you use that as an example?

    At least one Neanderthal skeleton that we have found was old and had arthritis. (Most were not like this. We have found many.) This tells us that Neanderthals had discovered the value of taking care of the old and the sick. Wow – love and kindness existed before xtianity! And the Cro Magnons were the first modern humans. Of course they are just like us – they ARE us, only a long time ago.

    “For Carbon Dating…well, lets just say someone decided to test a live animal with this method and found out that it had been DEAD for 10,000 years? How can that work out if the stinkin animal is moving right in front of them? Maybe it really tests how long they’ve been LIVING! No, wait, maybe you have to take the numer of years and subtract it by 10000? Like some diet cheaters do?”

    And let’s just say that I can flap my arms and fly. And let’s just say the moon is made of potato salad. And lets just say that god is made of spaghetti and wants you to be a pirate. Any argument that begins with “lets just say” is worthless unless you are planning to use a “reductio ad absurdum” argument to prove that the “Let’s just say” statement is false because it leads to a contradiction.

    Your “fun facts” only show that you do not have an understanding of the subject you are trying to disprove. It sounds like you are just parroting something somebody told you was a good argument. You would be much more effective if you first went and learned the real principles that make up the theory. Notice I did not say you have to believe them, but you should try to understand them. Then think it over for yourself. (TEST your own pre-conceptions.) And then come really TALK to us here. Not preach, just talk. You will find a much more receptive audience.


  4. PN says:

    Why is it ok to believe in God, but NOT ok to believe there is not a God? There is NO PROOF either way…live and let live. The FUCKED UP ones are the ones who are so blinded by their beliefs that they cannot see they are….BELIEFS….NOT FACT.

  5. Vietcong Charly says:


  6. Earl says:

    Is this really hate mail? I kind of take it as a compliment.

  7. Red Handed Jill says:

    Do you pray to your god with that potty mouth?

  8. Chaos says:

    Save your prayers for yourself, our heaven is better than yours anyway.

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