Secret Pastafarian Video Exposed

Published March 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

cruise.jpgAs most of the internet knows, Tom Cruise recently made a video for the Church of Scientology, which many people found creepy. Some have gone so far as to call it borderline sociopathic.

If you haven’t seen the video, you may want to watch it. Here’s the link. It’s about 10 minutes long but you certainly don’t need to watch it all to get a sense of Mr. Cruise’s dedication to his church and its teachings.

Not to be outdone, Pastafarian Ed Adkins has created an amazing video for our church. Enjoy:

Here’s a link to Ed’s Blog.

35 Responses to “Secret Pastafarian Video Exposed”

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  1. Jon says:

    I got to work at 7am this morning, feeling down and I saw this epic of preaching and I just feel so inspired, really want to go down the pub now

    PS why does this pirate pronounce pasta in such a strange way :)

    Noodly in the UK

  2. Rev. Connor says:

    We can’t let this get leaked to the anti-noodlely media

  3. Fiona says:


  4. hakodoshbarichu says:

    Nu wut the fuck is this, does that mean i eat ur god at applebeas or wut wut the fuck is this shit…

  5. Logan the grog keeper says:

    i think the people at digg would enjoy this very much, i suggest someone posts it up there, I’d do it myself if i didn’t think I might get exiled for it.

  6. Thorn says:

    “when you drive by an accident, you know you’re going to get blamed for it” HahhahHAHAHHAAAA!

  7. Brother Caine says:

    I am so pumped up now after watching our own propaganda video, I just want to shut myself in the galley and eat noodly spaghetti all day.


  8. Logical thinkAAR(GH!) says:

    If you can’t learn it… make it up … brilliant!

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