Pastafarians at Scientology Protest?

Published March 16th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Pirate Pete spotted this … It looks like there’s an FSM symbol on the “$cientology i$ a $cam” sign. I don’t know any details about the protest. Anyone know? More pictures can be found here.

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  1. CityAnon says:

    They aren’t protesting the religious beliefs of the church, though some at the protests may make allusions to some of the more unconventional beliefs of the church. They are protesting the Corporation of Scientology which abuses it’s followers by taking their money and splitting families apart and denying people needed medical care.

    Various people from the protests have been in contact with Freezone scientologists, these are practitioners of the beliefs of scientolgoy who do so outside of the corporate structure of the church. the protesters are encouraging people to get away from the corporation of Scientology not change their faith.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cabin Boy Jon–give me the following:

    20 first-hand accounts of abuse by the Catholic Church that they DENY ever happened (either by parishioners acting on their own, but by people acting on order of the church)

    at least 2 instances of the Catholic Church performing severely illegal acts (espionage, organized harassment)

    50 first-hand accounts of critics of the Catholic Church being harassed by the Church (not by members acting on their own, but by members acting on orders of the Church)

    500 instances of salvation/religious texts being denied to someone because they can’t afford to pay for it

    20 first-hand accounts of people going to the authorities (police, FBI, etc) for and being denied help/having nothing happen.

    10 people who indirectly or directly died through a command of the Catholic Church;
    if the church says “don’t use meds” and someone dies because of it, that counts;
    if the church says “prayer helps people” and someone doesn’t get medical treatment because their parents prayed INSTEAD OF (as opposed to “in addition to”), that doesn’t count

    If you can’t come up with the following, then stop bitching about the other religions. If I want to say “The Catholic Church brainwashes its children” or “Catholic priests needs to stop molesting little boys” or “Fundamentalist Christians are morons”, I have the right to say it, and I would not be afraid of having the Church itself come over to my house and harass me.


    Blahblahblah, tl;dr:

    The Church of Scientology commits actual crimes, and threatens and harasses its critics. This is illegal, and we are demanding that they be held accountable for it.

    When the whole priest sex scandal thing happened, there were people demanding the Catholic Church be held accountable as well. HEY GUESS WHAT. THEY WERE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AS WELL. If they reacted as the Church of Scientology reacted (by calling its accusers terrorists, suing them, harassing them, and denying all the allegations while CONTINUING TO COMMIT THE CRIMES), you can damn well bet that there’d be some group out there protesting them.

    (From Wikipedia:)

    “Serious lawsuits emerged in 2001 claiming that deviant priests had sexually abused minors.[232] As of 2008, the vast majority of worldwide sex abuse cases have been in the United States[233] where 4 percent of all priests who served there from 1950 to 2002 faced accusations[234], though the Church estimated that the global figure was probably no more than 1 per cent.[233]

    Some priests resigned, others were defrocked and jailed[235] and financial settlements were agreed with many victims.[232] The church was widely criticized when it was discovered that some bishops knew about allegations of misconduct and then reassigned accused priests instead of removing them from ministry.[232][236] Some bishops and psychiatrists noted that the prevailing psychology of the times suggested that people could be cured of such behavior with counseling.[236][237][238] Many of the abusive priests had received counseling before being reassigned.[234][239]

    Pope John Paul II responded by stating there is no place in the priesthood or religious life for those who abuse children.[240]

    The church instituted reforms to prevent future abuse including requiring fingerprinting and background checks for church employees and, because a significant majority of victims were teenage boys, disallowing ordination of men with deeply seated homosexual tendencies.[118][237]

    These reforms also set up a clear code of conduct for all dioceses to follow when faced with an allegation including alerting the authorities, conducting an investigation and removing the accused priest or employee from duty.[241][242]”

  3. Pirateswearmaskstoo says:

    To be fair pastafarianism was established as a innocent way to poke fun at those silly creationists and their attempt to teach their religion as science. Anonymous has a good time poking fun at the ridiculous teachings of scientology and the more devious practices of their cult. I’m pretty sure the corporation that runs the CoS is in direct violation of alot of the “I really wish you wouldnts” Yes yes, they started off with some DDOSs and those are less than legal but thats no longer the chosen method of the current incarnation of Anonymous. They’ve come a long way from their “HACKERS ON STEROIDS! Chan roots. Just as many of us worship his noodly goodness do we also feel it necessary to strike back at a cult that abuses its parishoner’s human rights. It may not be part of the main stay of the Pastafarian way but i’d think you should be proud to see the good word being spread, albeit subtly. RAmen

  4. Cassie says:

    I’m surprised that so many here are unaware of the recent Scientology protests or believe that the protests are led by religious fanatics.

    Scientology is protested because they suppress freedom of speech. They are extremely secretive about their activities, even to their own members. A member must pay thousands of dollars to even find out what the religion is really about. Imagine going into any other church and them forcing you to pay to find out about their god or beliefs.

    Scientology’s censorship is what originally sparked the protest.

    Anonymous – the organization beyond the recent protests – is not a group of religious fanatics trying to promote a particular religion. Anonymous is everyone. Anonymous are people spread throughout the world, people of every religion and ethnicity, united to fight against Scientology. Many people have died as a result of this horrendous cult. Critics have been harassed mercilessly by this cult.

    There is so much information about this cult out there. I have a few links, and google is your friend:

    http://theunfunnytruth.ytmnd.com/ – a good, brief summary of some of Scientology’s many crimes.
    http://www.xenu.net/ – I could spend hours browsing through the information here.
    http://www.enturbulation.org/ – Hosts activation forums. Has links to more content.

    [Knowledge is free — Scientology is not]

  5. Cassie says:

    Btw, as an afterthought, FSM owns. ;D Flying Spaghetti Monster >>>> Xenu.

  6. CaptainsChair says:

    Srsly, you guys preaching love and acceptance” need to do your homework. Anonymous IS NOT PROTESTING THE RELIGION. They are protesting the PRACTICES of the religion, such as employing child labor, filing frivolous lawsuits against any critics, stalking, draining hundreds of thousands of dollars from parishioners, forced abortions for female followers, etc. They are a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. Anon does not have any problem with people believing what they want…in fact, they’re in full support of Freezoners, a splinter group of Scientologists who do not charge thousands of dollars to become members of the church.

    Anon is protesting the tax-free status of this cult which masquerades as a non-profit religion, yet rakes in millions from gullible followers. They are breaking the law in that respect and costing ordinary taxpayers lots of money. Thats just to name ONE of their many transgressions.

    People can believe what they want, no matter how strange. But they cannot get away with DOING whatever they want if it breaks the law, endangers minors, costs taxpayers money and denies civil rights to members through force and intimidation. Go to xenu.net to read more.

    Also check out http://www.whyaretheydead.net to see the hundreds of people who have died while in the care of Scientologists due to being denied medication, psychological help or even basic needs like food and water.

  7. Delivers says:

    @Cabin Boy Jon

    When was the last time that christianity

    – inflitrated the IRS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Snow_White)

    – hired private investigators to harrass you at your home and then sued you(http://glosslip.com/2008/03/27/member-of-anonymous-in-boston-being-fair-gamed-by-scientology/)

    -held you hostage at your own home without food and medication until you died? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_McPherson)

    or numerous other violations against any possible human rights you could think of.
    Not in a few hundred years i believe.
    Scientology, however, keeps doing these things day after day without anyone daring to stop them. Well its about time now. The crimes of Church of Scientology are something that you can stop right now, right here.

  8. Anon54321 says:

    Google ‘Operation Snow White’
    Google ‘Lisa McPherson’
    Google ‘Operation Freakout’
    Google ‘Fair Game’
    Google ‘Scientology Disconnection’
    Google ‘BBC Scientology and Me’
    Google ‘XenuTV’
    Google ‘Rehabilitation Project Force’
    Google ‘Introspection Rundown’

    Find out the truth.
    Does this sound like a religion to you?

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