Pastafarians at Scientology Protest?

Published March 16th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Pirate Pete spotted this … It looks like there’s an FSM symbol on the “$cientology i$ a $cam” sign. I don’t know any details about the protest. Anyone know? More pictures can be found here.

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  1. Gnocci Man says:

    From the Scriptures of Gnocci Man’s Journey Through the Internet:
    “For lo, and Gnocci Man DID step forth into the internet, and once upon the thread he DID see a disturbing sight: Fanatics, fighting other fanatics, while claiming to be good and kind and in the right. And Gnocci Man DID try to see where in their battle goodness and kindness could be found, and got a headache from it. AND SO Gnocci Man did stop trying. And they did say that tolerance is apathy, and that in a war you cannot tolerate an enemy, to which Gnocci Man replied
    ‘If tolerance is apathy, then may I remain apathetic for life. It’s preferable to the observed alternatives. If you are a soldier in a war, the enemy you do not kill will kill you. SO, let’s not fight the damn war, and try to come to a peaceful solution instead. That way we all get to keep living, capiche?’
    And Gnocci Man DID study the sites put forth in links, and could full understand what about the other fanatics could be found to be so objectionable by the first fanatics. BUT he COULD NOT understand why they had to be so unpleasant about it. Peaceful protest, which they claimed to be moving to, was not objectionable in the least. It was their attitudes in part that Gnocci Man found so annoying. Cloak-and-dagger righteousness, for any cause, can only be irritating. Fa la la spoon.”
    Okay, let me be as clear as I can. Now that anonymous is moving into peaceful protest of the scientologist’s actions there is even a chance that I will join in. However, what put me off so much about it were the attitudes and actions of ANONYMOUS ITSELF. If you can tell me how a DDoS attack isn’t in itself an attack on free speech, which you claim to support, I’ll show a bit more respect. I find many of the things the scientologists have done to be completely and utterly repugnant, but I still feel like Anonymous is some sort of anti-scientology vendetta, and as I’ve said before, religious tolerance is to me paramount.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gnocci Man, there is a group of people that practice L. Ron Hubbard Scientology-like techniques with out the lies and abuse. They are called the Free Zoners http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Zone_(Scientology). Anonymous does not protest this group. They support people who recognize the abuses of the Co$ turning to the Free Zoners for a continuation of their religious practices.

    Also, please be aware that Scientology actively tries to influence legislation through their front group CCHR, and they try to influence our public schools through their front group Applied Scholastics.

    Anonymous keeps an eye on these front groups, and tries to warn legislators and educators about the true religious roots of these Co$ sponsored groups.

  3. anynomous says:

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