it seems to me like

Published March 1st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


it seems to me like your all getting very worked up. im seeing a guy who started a satirical religion to protest against only a single point of view being taught at schools. i agree with him, i think that people should be offered many points of view before making their own decisions. but this has gone too far. both the christians and the fsm people need to learn to respect each others opinions. if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything. i respect that both religions teach to try and convert but please be civil to one another. this has got to the point where it is no longer an intelligent discussion about evolution and intelligent design being taught but it has become a petty argument. stop insulting each other and be nice. christianity teaches that you should respect others and fsm is not about panning other religions. please see sense and at least be nice to each other and accept that different people believe different things.

thank you for putting up with my ramblings


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  1. Jacq says:

    The difference, Mr/Ms. Anon, between Pastafarians and the christians, is that the replies to hate mail are addressed to Mr. Henderson (or this site) and contained here , in the House of the FSM, whereas, christians go abroad to cast their hate and ignorance with bellicose threats of violence. Naturally, Pastafarians feel they must defend themselves on their own ship. You will notice, I hope, that replies to hate mail, and there are hundreds, never reciprocate with violent threats against christians or any other religion.
    If you walk into the church of another god, you should at least be respectful during your time in it.
    Jacqueline Sparrow
    P.S. Yes, I’ve adopted the convention of capitalizing Pastafarian and using a lowercase for christian. The usage is appropriate in this day and age, considering the generic application of the term ‘christian’ compared to the more specific use of the word ‘Pastafarian.’

  2. BlackBard says:

    Dear -,
    You said, “I’d also like to say im doing FSM for a studies of religion assessment!!! so this means that my (christain) school is considering it as a religion.”
    I am very pleased that your “(christain) school is considering it (Flying Spaghetti Monsterism) as a religion.” I am sure we all would be very interested to see your report. Maybe you could post it on our site. It is always useful to see ourselves in another’s eyes.

  3. Francesc says:

    May 7th
    “I’m a christain”
    “so this means that my (christain) school is considering it as a religion”
    It’s your language and it’s your religion, so maybe I’m wrong, but I thought it’s spelled “christian”. Have you checked if you are dislexic? ( I don’t want to insult you, it’s a suggestion )

    Also I’m really concerned about your school considering “it” as a religion. I mean, He is our noddly creator and all that, but if you read the Gospel you will see why it don’t fit the usual definition for a “religion”.

    May you be touched by His Noddly appendages

    P.D.: I would also suggest you to check a dictionary for the word “satire”. I know now it’s forbidden in christian schools , but even so…

  4. Tricia C. says:

    I like this person.
    They are nice.
    And I will try to be nicer now on.
    (even though I don’t think I’ve been to mean, there may have been moments… xD)

  5. Sqid says:

    I like this letter. I’m pretty sure it’s the only one that doesn’t say “FUCK YOU” at some point in the letter.
    And also, a lot a Pastafarians (myself included) are polite to people who have other beliefs.

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