Published March 26th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Our server has been the target of a ddos attack for the last couple of weeks. Many have noticed how infrequent the posts have been, and that the server has been down altogether several times – this is why.

We have a pretty good idea of which group is behind it, but I won’t mention their name here. You may be able to guess.

There have been some huge developments in FSM over the last couple of weeks – I’ll be putting up these posts soon.

Thank you for your patience.

88 Responses to “Hacked”

  1. Navigator of the Fishy Passage says:

    I bet it was the Cama Rouge.

  2. Joe Blow says:

    well I never thought that HIS/Hers noodly goodness would bless me with being the first to say that we love you and stand on top of you in this holy pastalicious effort.

  3. Joe Blow says:


  4. Rodney King says:

    It must be the Invisible Pink Unicorn Followers. They are jealous that our church is bigger and better than theirs.

  5. That1guy says:

    Because it is the holy holiday Friday i shall not cast judgement on who would want to hack an innocent and totally peaceful religous website. However the Flying Spaghetti Monster shall and those who have committed this attrocious will repent for their crimes, by denying them Beer Vocanoes and their own personal strippers with glitter
    RAmen and pass the parmesian

  6. That1guy says:

    Because it is the holy holiday of Friday i shall not cast my judgement of who committed this horrible crime to a completely peaceful and fun loving religion. Howver the FSM shall make these persons repent their sins, by denying them Beer volcanoes and the almighty stripper factory. Stand strong My fellow believers.
    RAmen and pass the parmesian

  7. Will says:

    As if a lines of binary code could ever stop our noodly master!!

  8. captain evade says:

    the Hare Krishnas, of course!

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