Published March 26th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Our server has been the target of a ddos attack for the last couple of weeks. Many have noticed how infrequent the posts have been, and that the server has been down altogether several times – this is why.

We have a pretty good idea of which group is behind it, but I won’t mention their name here. You may be able to guess.

There have been some huge developments in FSM over the last couple of weeks – I’ll be putting up these posts soon.

Thank you for your patience.

88 Responses to “Hacked”

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  1. Dusty says:

    What kind of douche-bag would want to hack a peaceful site like this? What’s wrong with people?

  2. Paisley the Pirate says:

    OK, my guesses? Anonymous, Scientology, or that L group that some nutter keeps threatening us about.

  3. Iron Mike says:

    The Truth can never be stopped.

    Praise the Noodly One.

  4. Aesi says:

    This is ridiculous, I think we all have a rather good idea of who did this and i’d just like to say to them, grow up!

    Hope you manage to get the attacker/s prosecuted and keep the site running smoothly, RAmen.

  5. fsm_fan says:


  6. fsm_fan says:


  7. Navigator of the Fishy Passage says:

    Grrrrr…Scurvy dogs. Nothing quite like silencing opposing points of view to win a debate.

  8. Griffin7890 says:

    Well, Pastafarianism creates enemies in every religion, namely Christians and Scientologists.
    And… 99% of the Christians that post here are barely smart enough to write a legible sentence, let alone hack a network….. which leaves….

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