you dumb bitch

Published February 20th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

YOU DUMB BITCH!!! this is no such thing as a fucking flying spaghetti monster and hes not god ! If he were real i would chop that bitch up and feed him to the poor starving people in africa! you people are sick and demented, and your all going to fucking hell! FUCKING SPEGHETTI I MEAN COME ON IF YOU WANTED TO COME UP WITH A RELIGION THE GOD HAS TO BE SOMETHING MORE REALISTIC! IM SORRY BUT MY SPEGHETTI DOES NOT TALK TO ME IT IS NOT JESUS! Lol you all are way to funny XD You guys must be on some good drugs, pass that shit around. Sooo like are you guys in a cult or something?? What are the disciples of this spaghetti guy? A piece of garlic toast and a meat ball? LOL!!!! You guys are soo sick i wouldnt even spit in your direction and when you all die im gonna piss on ALL of your graves!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You are all a joke!! I will tie down everyone of you sick bastards and force feed you guys spaghetti!!! and i will scream out “weres you fuckiNG spaghetti bitch now? Is he gonna save you? NOO! Cause hes NOT REAL!” Do you guys like revolve around food or something? Like cause you have fine art taco photography?!? Who the dumb bitch who thought of this religion??? Cause i bet you money they were on shrums at the time or maybe some fucking acid! Cause this is some trippy shit! AND yes i do believe in hell! But im not gonna go to hell for believing in a false idol like you stupid spaghetti! JESUS CHRIST I STILL CANT EVEN GET OVER THE FACT THAT YOU BELIEVE IN THIS BULLSHIT!!! DO THEY LIKE FORCE FEED YOU THIS SHIT? LIKE SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT?
WTF???That does not look like a spaghetti monsterrrr you dumb cunt! SUCK MY BIG BLACK PRESIDENTIAL COCK BITCH!
– jade-jewel

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  1. Pho says:

    What Jade Jewel would’ve sound like in real life :]

  2. Jack Norris says:

    How come people think the person who wrote this letter was a “christian”?

  3. Lee says:

    May FSM have pity on you… and your large potty-mouth

  4. Adam says:


  5. Eve says:

    But really we came from evolution. Adam just fell from a tree trying to pick some fruit and hit his head, and he hasn’t thought right since. When he came to his memories were messed up and his rib hurt he didn’t even remember me so he tried to fill in the gaps. He blamed me for the fruit thing because I was able to get the fruit without falling down (I shook the tree instead of trying to climb it). Then he blamed some snake and I asked him what he was talking about and he said he saw me talking to someone before. So I let him believe in the talking snake so that he wouldn’t find out about my affair with a Mr. P. Aethiopicus. Sorry, honeybunch, the cat’s out of the bag. He started all this talk about some guy named “God” and started worshiping this invisible man saying that he loved him more than he did me. I was like, ‘What?! I am pregnant with his child, we are the only two of our species to have developed yet and he is gay with an imaginary man named God?’ I tried to teach our kids, Cain and Able, that the God fellow was just imaginary. Able believed me and Cain didn’t, I tried to keep this away from Adam’s ears as much as possible because he was freaking psycho by this time. When Adam said that Able’s work was more pleasing to this God fellow, Cain snapped and killed Able that day. Adam wouldn’t hear the idea that Able didn’t believe in God and kicked Cain out of the house. From then on it was just a cycle of depression from there on.

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  7. Joukahainen says:

    Scanning IQ … still no sign of it. Trying again. Nothing on sensors.

  8. 12 says:

    I’m going to put what I think in parenthasis. This is all people
    1. “God” loves everybody. This website is gay. I hare you. I’m gonna pray for you. Burn in h***. (If God loves everybody, why do people call this website gay ofensivlly if God is supposed to love everyone and last I heard, gay people are included in everybody. If you are saying your gonna pray for me while your saying you hats me, then boy, THAT sure does make me feelur prayers ate worth a crape. I have many religious friends and that works because they respect me and I respect them. I don’t know about my fellow pastafarians, but I don’t really believe the FSM made the world, but I sure as… heck… don’t think it was God. I believe in the pastafarians beliefs. And if you guys are gonna tell us to burn in h***, you cant expect us to a. Respect you, b. Not crack a couple jokes about you. I am not saying its right, and I understand that everyone has an opinion but cussing out people that are suposedly your brothers with some of the most vial words whip claiming you are strong Christians doesn’t exactly want to make people think oh, they aren’t so bad. Pastafarian sightings also aren’t real, maybe ironic, but come on. Your proof is a book that God or something supposedly wrote. I’m tired of people calling me a devil worshiperand trying to get me to go to their church because they think I’m just uneducated about it. I have read the Bible and got a third of the way through when I thought oh, no wonder my parents don’t believe. Now I can say I have a religeon, pastafarian, and they wont just think I’m “up for grabs” as far as converting me and getting prizes or something.I. Anne franks words, “if a Christian does something bad, its his or her fault. If a (athiest) does something wrong, we are all to blame.˝ I know its not like people are threating to kill us like they did with Jews, oh wait. Obviously, I know we are experiencing a millionth of what she went through, for now. I believe in the beliefs of pastafarian. *to bobby- you can delete this part, but I didn’t know where to send it to. If you could post it somewhere were more people can read it, I will tell the FSM that you need to be rewarded with extra meatballs next time you eat spaghetti. RAMEN.

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