you dumb bitch

Published February 20th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

YOU DUMB BITCH!!! this is no such thing as a fucking flying spaghetti monster and hes not god ! If he were real i would chop that bitch up and feed him to the poor starving people in africa! you people are sick and demented, and your all going to fucking hell! FUCKING SPEGHETTI I MEAN COME ON IF YOU WANTED TO COME UP WITH A RELIGION THE GOD HAS TO BE SOMETHING MORE REALISTIC! IM SORRY BUT MY SPEGHETTI DOES NOT TALK TO ME IT IS NOT JESUS! Lol you all are way to funny XD You guys must be on some good drugs, pass that shit around. Sooo like are you guys in a cult or something?? What are the disciples of this spaghetti guy? A piece of garlic toast and a meat ball? LOL!!!! You guys are soo sick i wouldnt even spit in your direction and when you all die im gonna piss on ALL of your graves!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You are all a joke!! I will tie down everyone of you sick bastards and force feed you guys spaghetti!!! and i will scream out “weres you fuckiNG spaghetti bitch now? Is he gonna save you? NOO! Cause hes NOT REAL!” Do you guys like revolve around food or something? Like cause you have fine art taco photography?!? Who the dumb bitch who thought of this religion??? Cause i bet you money they were on shrums at the time or maybe some fucking acid! Cause this is some trippy shit! AND yes i do believe in hell! But im not gonna go to hell for believing in a false idol like you stupid spaghetti! JESUS CHRIST I STILL CANT EVEN GET OVER THE FACT THAT YOU BELIEVE IN THIS BULLSHIT!!! DO THEY LIKE FORCE FEED YOU THIS SHIT? LIKE SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT?
WTF???That does not look like a spaghetti monsterrrr you dumb cunt! SUCK MY BIG BLACK PRESIDENTIAL COCK BITCH!
– jade-jewel

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  1. brandon says:

    so this is all your belief that there is no FSM…what if we dont think there is a god…so maybe YOU are the crazy one here

  2. Corinna says:

    Wow… It takes a special person to be like that. Does she not realize that the point of this is to combat ignorance in the school system and to insure that nonsense is not taught with science. Anyway.. I grew up a christian and was taught not to curse and belittle people like that… i wonder what sort of christian she is to speak like that?

  3. James D King of Pirates says:

    Your spaghetti does not talk to you? where are you getting it, mone has always had a lovely conversation with me before dinner, as well as any other pasta. It usually does not say much but i know the noodly one likes to listen more than speak, after all with all those noodly appendages he had very little room to put in vocal chord, but he listens.

  4. Matt Peterson says:

    Hey by the way Shrums would be spelled Shrooms, and maybe if you took a few you would have a decent sense of humor about this JOKE!!!
    Seriously I thought God would teach you to spell better, Are you that ignorant that you can’t even defend God without cursing or spelling words wrong, Stop taking life so serious and don’t sip to much of the Kool aid that they have at your Godly church!!
    Long live the FSM!!!

  5. Jacq says:

    I can’t believe these mails are real. Really?
    Jacqueline Sparrow

  6. Sean says:

    you wouldn’t spit in our direction.. but you’d take the time and money to travel around and piss on all our graves. Logical.

  7. Lovett says:

    Wow. That’s what I call overreacting.

    Lay off the pipe for a second and use that tiny little thing inside your head that we normal human beings call a brain.

    See if that statue of the dead guy on a piece of wood will give you the answer.

  8. Lore says:

    The belief in God was not the first religon, genius.

    And I love how you managed to stick ‘staving children in Africa’ so smoothly into your arguement. Nice going.

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