umm u have GOT to be kidding

Published February 14th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

umm u have GOT to be kidding. wow. im a christian and im not gonna bash this but wow…u have to have alot of faith to believe in this type of thing. i sure as heck dont. food is food is food. i like spaghetti. i just dont worship it. lol

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  1. An Evil Unknown Unseen Killer :-[ says:

    Could you be possibly sent to hell if you don’t even believe there is one?? I don’t. I’m someone who is Absent-brained(It’s not absent – it was never there :) )

  2. RamblinEvilMushroom says:

    I just wish we would be insulted with proper spelling…. That would make me happy.


  3. The Wiener Thief. says:

    I like spaghetti. Does the FSM condone smoking weed? I smoke a lot of weed. Does the FSM smoke weed? Does the FSM smoke shwagg, or does he smoke some dank stuff? Let me know mangs. In FSM I trust.

  4. Bo Johansson says:

    HELP (for the second time)!

    Sorry, this is really off-topic but I don’t know how to get help here. I already posted this request for help in another posting, I now am doing it again, getting a bit desperate.

    I joined the forum but apparently I forgot to activate my account. Solution according to the FAQ: contact the forum adm. How? In order to send them mail I have to log in which I obviously can’t. I can’t reregister since my email “is already used”. What to do? Catch 22 comes to mind…

  5. Cap'n Ollie says:

    @Bo Johansson-
    When it says contact the forum admin, i believe it means via email.
    Try looking around for some of the admins’ email addresses.

  6. Ramen_loving_brittni says:

    hm… this is good quality hate mail. I only wish she would accept our noodle god… but to each his own!


  7. Pirates Evolve Too says:

    Hey Mvemba,
    Are you for real? I consider myself pretty good at deciphering between sarcasm and seriousness…but either you are an extremely dry person or extremely misinformed. I’m banking on misinformed. If this is the case, listen carefully. We (the scientific community) DO NOT just put things into computers and wait for a date. There are decades of research, sampling methodology, sample preparation and quantum mechanics that go into determining how old a particular piece of bone, wood or stone is. Do you understand what radioactive decay is? It is the absolutely regular (like a ticking clock) decay of an unstable isotope (variation of an element based on atomic weight) into a stable isotope. This regularity is measured in terms of a “half-life” which is the amount of time it takes for the total amount of unstable isotopes to reach stability, it then taken another half life for the remaining half to reach stability, another half life for the remaining quarter of unstable isotopes to reach stability, etc. This regularity has been empirically measured by counting the number of alpha or beta emissions in a given time and then extrapolating this count into time (just like when you take your pulse and count for ten seconds then multiply by six to get how many beats per second). This can be done for numerous isotopes including Carbon 14, Argon 39/40 and Uranium. Similar strategies but with different methodologies exist in the form of Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) dating and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) which can work on tooth enamel and quartz sand grains, respectively.
    Listen, Mvemba, we don’t have to live billions of years to be able to accurately date artifacts and objects to that time period. The same principles that govern your TV, your ipod and most modern technology govern the principles of dating methodology; deny your TV works if you want to deny that dating is accurate. Given, as dates become older they become less reliable in terms of accuracy but if you ever actually read an academic article where these dates are published, you will also see increasing margins of error for these older dates. This is how we determine if dates are reliable…based on the possibility of contamination and the specific expected versus given isotope counts.
    If your post was actually dry sarcasm, then I’m sorry, if it was serious, then I certainly hope you learned something.

  8. Dewi says:

    Lol indeed you are so right pastafarianism is so silly lol lol…….lol.

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