u guys are messed up

Published February 4th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

u guys r messed up
i cant belive u guys actualy think that is real
but i dont care how u guys WASTE ur time

p.s. i meann really who has 2 balls and no wiener

p.s.s. amen not ramen u friggin doosh bags

p.s.s.s. i have a wiener in my pants

p.s.s.s.s. unlike you i have a weiner(like my god u dip shits)

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  1. Bucken says:


    joke’s on you. /Your/ god doesn’t really exist.
    So there.
    Crazy person with your sausage addiction…

  2. CultsRus says:

    The only difference between cults and religion is the amount of time they have been around. And if they are tax exempt :)

  3. Cape Buffalo says:

    P.S – your mother
    P.S.S – R’amen to you too
    P.S.S.S – Tell your boyfriend to pull his dick out of your ass BEFORE you pull up your pants then
    P.S.S.S.S – Your god is a wiener? Homo

  4. Holypastaballs says:

    Yes I do recall that there is a story about your Gods penis, he uses it to rape Mary with, to begot his son and let him die over some metaphorical apples (A whole family of masochists and martyrs really weird people). Evidently his son spent thirty years playing with his penis before he decided to do anything with his powers, but when he did it was soon enough that he got himself nailed to a Tau of wood. Anyway a lot of people find this story encouraging for whatever reason it developed into a cult of strange hero worship, but it does make a lot of people happy, and that Chris is more to the point. What makes people happy, and such that it also makes people better people, you might get caught up in a lot phallic worship with your deities, but I’d to say Chris it’s not the penis that makes the God, Oh no, its his words and his followers words, and right now Chris your making Jesus cry.


  5. Really? says:

    Good job! You know what a penis is! It’s just too bad that it is all that you have on your mind, because I’m pretty sure that means that you’re gay.

  6. Smarter than you says:

    it’s P.P.S stupid. Post Post Script.

  7. rogthedodge says:

    The Chris from ‘Family Guy’ ??

    Oh the irony a a fictitious character writing to defend a fictitious god.

    Nice one, good gag.

    I’ll pray for you (and Meg)

  8. Sqid says:

    I thought God was supposed to have no physical form?

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