fsm appears in Israeli painting

Published February 15th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


The FSM has recently revealed Himself in an Israeli high school through a painting depicting the pre-creation state of the universe as portrayed in Genesis 1:2.

The high school students were given the assignment of creating an artistic work related to one of the stories from the Book of Genesis. A couple of students chose to paint their interpretation of the appearance of the universe before the biblical Creation (or, as literally translated from Hebrew, “chaos”). The noodly Lord was easily spotted in the painting only after it was hanged on the corridor wall. The work’s creators claim that the painting did not originally include the FSM:

“We didn’t paint Him, I swear. I have no idea how He got there,” one of them says.

This divine act of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has made many students recognize His existence, and many have converted to Pastafarianism. Some of the recently converted Pastafarians even believe that Israel is in fact the Holy Land of Pastafarianism, and they are already contemplating methods to eliminate the all Jews, Muslims and Christians in Israel who won’t agree to convert.

The FSM’s message is obvious. For many years the state of Israel has forced the Jewish religion and its studies upon Israeli students of Jewish descent by making it a compulsory subject for receiving a matriculation certificate. The school system in Israel starts teaching students the concepts of the Old Testament when they are very young and innocent, and every student must continue studying these religious stories, regardless of his beliefs. The Holy FSM, clearly, just wishes for Israeli students to be taught the true religion, Pastafarianism.

May we all be touched by His noodly appendage,

Submitted by Incognito.

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  1. Fusillier says:

    oops, “pillaging”.
    Must get ny spelling right, don’t want to be mistaken for a christian!

  2. true beliver says:

    omg, it is a miracle. Can’t you all see that this is the sign for pastafarians the world over to join in a single glorious campaign to destroy that world wide cult they cll christianity, which help our species back for 1500 year! Viva la FSM!!! RAmen!!!

  3. Barnacle Bill says:

    I thought the Holy City of Pastafarianism was somewhere in Italy, where they make fine spaghetti and meatballs.
    Anyway, what I want to say is that while it can be argued that the image on the grilled cheese sandwich may or not be Jesus, or the salt stains under a bridge may or may not be the Virgin Mary, there can be no doubt whatsoever that the image that appears in this painting is indeed the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    This is a clear image, not so much a matter of interpretation as it is an actual representation.

    You have to forgive the people of Israel for thinking it means that they have to fight against all others who do not share their beliefs, as this is what they have been conditioned to believe.
    That His Noodley Goodness has chosen to appear to these people clearly suggests that He has come to bring peace to a land that has always been home to religious warfare.
    Thank you, my fellow Pastafarians, for correcting this misinterpretation of His holy visage.
    Peace be with you!
    In the name of the pasta, and of the sauce, and of the holy meatballs,

  4. Apprentice Frederic says:

    Consistent with other posts, non-violence and tolerance are clearly the way to go. Perhaps Pastafarianism can be catapulted onto the World Stage by catalyzing peace and harmony in Israel/Gaza/West Bank. Do we have pastafazoola missiles ready to launch from pirate ships in the Persian Gulf or in the eastern Mediterranean????

  5. Ramen_loving_brittni says:

    to beautiful for words…


  6. James D says:

    Whoa, who said anything about elimination, if they don’t want to convert let them believe what they want, they can still get into our heaven as long as they are not complete jerks, the FSM will still accept them, mass genocide of non-beleivers is for the Christians, Muslims and usually against the jews, the poor jews, well anyway Genocide is not the pastafarian way, let it go Incognito, let it go.
    James D

  7. mad jack flint says:

    can we have a pastafarian homeland too?
    i suggest taking over Pizza Hut and naturally pasta bearing Italian restaurants. The tolerance and pacificism bits are going to be a problem of course…

  8. DocWazoo says:

    Being Israeli myself, I’m glad to see that the FSM has finally made its official appearance in my country.

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