fsm appears in Israeli painting

Published February 15th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


The FSM has recently revealed Himself in an Israeli high school through a painting depicting the pre-creation state of the universe as portrayed in Genesis 1:2.

The high school students were given the assignment of creating an artistic work related to one of the stories from the Book of Genesis. A couple of students chose to paint their interpretation of the appearance of the universe before the biblical Creation (or, as literally translated from Hebrew, “chaos”). The noodly Lord was easily spotted in the painting only after it was hanged on the corridor wall. The work’s creators claim that the painting did not originally include the FSM:

“We didn’t paint Him, I swear. I have no idea how He got there,” one of them says.

This divine act of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has made many students recognize His existence, and many have converted to Pastafarianism. Some of the recently converted Pastafarians even believe that Israel is in fact the Holy Land of Pastafarianism, and they are already contemplating methods to eliminate the all Jews, Muslims and Christians in Israel who won’t agree to convert.

The FSM’s message is obvious. For many years the state of Israel has forced the Jewish religion and its studies upon Israeli students of Jewish descent by making it a compulsory subject for receiving a matriculation certificate. The school system in Israel starts teaching students the concepts of the Old Testament when they are very young and innocent, and every student must continue studying these religious stories, regardless of his beliefs. The Holy FSM, clearly, just wishes for Israeli students to be taught the true religion, Pastafarianism.

May we all be touched by His noodly appendage,

Submitted by Incognito.

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  1. ET, Smallville says:

    As an Israeli citizen, I am most grateful for the appearance of FSM amongst us. As a computer scientist, I have many times stood in wonder at the bizarre effects that computers display on many occasions. There is no doubt in my mind that a higher power is responsible for many of these effects. For example, when my son was 5 years old, he played Digger and the computer spitefully disqualified him just as he was nearing the record that his sister set. Now I understand that the problem was that as a 5 years old, he was not aware enough of the deeds of FSM. Also, when I program a computer, it many times displays bizarre effects which I didn’t mean. For example, if I ask it to add 1 to a number, it sometimes (but not always) turns a large positive number to a negative one. No one could explain this reasonably, although scientists many times tried to explain it logically. Now I know: It’s FSM.

    Ramen, ramen and ramen to that!

  2. Michael says:

    You do know that was painted by 6 year olds…
    I should know I wuz ther

  3. Mason Moore says:

    I love your ideas, and I’m thinking of converting to Pastafarianism from Christianity.
    May you all be touched by His noodly appendage.

  4. who cares?(what my name is) says:

    I go to a religious school (in Israel…),and if I dare mention me being a Pastafarianism believer,well,I would probably be sent to the principal,get two hours of “what you did is wrong,bla bla bla” lectures,write a “what I did is wrong…” work (about how important it is to belive in god…),and then apologize a long,long “what I did is wrong,bla bla bla” apology.Why can’t I just say what I think?!! But enough whineing- I am really happy the noodly one has shoed up in Isreal! it’s like-“IN YOUR FACE!!!” to all the skeptics…

  5. 2LiveJew says:

    Its funny, agnosticism is very common in Jews. Our fascination with all things Asian (food, spiritual beliefs, women dressed in schoolgirl outfits) comes from our lack of “oomph” when it comes to spiritual guidance-at least in the Reform movement here in the US.
    Speaking of Asian-one would think that somewhere in Asia is the holy land for us Pastafarians, was it not there that his noodly being first came into this corporeal universe?

  6. Znk666 says:

    ‘Tis a miracle!
    Just another proof for those who doubt!

  7. Olio says:

    Surely when we suceed in blowing up our planet finally once and for all, things will settle down what with wars.

    Is not pastafarianism a peaceful sect?

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