Is this guy for real?

Published February 18th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Is this guy for real? I mean, SERIOUSLY. Flying spaghetti monster? Where did he come up with that?

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  1. Aesi says:

    Are these guys for real? I mean, SERIOUSLY. Jesus Christ? Walking on water? Where did they come up with that?

  2. Lazlow says:

    “Where did he come up with that?”
    I heard he sat around in a cave for a year and then the Spaghetti Monster just appeared before him and told him all about the creation of the Universe, trees and midgets.

  3. Cap'nUberbob says:

    We are for real. This is not a joke. We are humble servants of our Noodly Master, and we will promote his good name for all eternity. Bobby H. had visions of The Noodly One, in which FSM asked Bobby to spread the word. We are all saved, blessed be FSM!
    – Cap’nUberbob

  4. mikeb says:

    it’s better than an imaginary pink unicorn

  5. lordpunkmonk says:

    wait who was this sen’t to?

  6. Etay says:

    Where did who come up with what?

  7. PKinWray says:

    Yes of course he is! How could one not be utterly convinced by His Noodliness, I ask you? The scriptures never lie!
    We have all been touched by His Noodly Appendage

  8. Vincent says:

    Such offense to our god will not be tolerate here.

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