iraq chapter

Published February 25th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Thought you might like to know the word is spreading – even in the land that’s the stronghold of Islam…

The Arabic roughly translates to “Sunni Triangle Chapter” …



Very cool. I really want one.

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  1. *J* says:

    do people seriously not understand that this whole thing is a joke?

  2. Vermicelli says:

    Arabic text would make great pasta.

  3. MaxGlobs says:

    I gotta say, that’s just about the ballsiest thing I’ve seen all week.

  4. The Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

    Greetings my children,
    I am glad that word of my existence has spread. I will continue to reveal myself, slowly but surely, through my faithful disciples once I see that mankind is worthy. For those of you who choose not to place your faith in my Noodly Appendage, I ask only that you tolerate my followers’ beliefs.
    Peace, Love, and Pirates to all!

  5. Franko says:

    I like the Middle-Eastern patch, too. Would love to buy one. Let our Sunni and Shia friends help us spell things correctly – the apparent squiggles of Arabic writing are a direct lead-in to His Most Noodly Appendages and openings. His saucy Self obviously wants us to explore ever further. Can I get one for my car?

  6. Jakatak says:

    “Could these be the bravest people in the world? Well, maybe until the Saudi Arabia chapter opens.”

    not necessarily, one of my favouritest authors one Mr Turki al-Hamad lives in Riyadh with four (count ’em 4!!!) fatwas hanging over his head. And we all thought Rushdie was serious, we even gave the big girl bodyguards for chrissakes!

    Apparent Mr al-Hamad has been offered protection by the Saudi royal family but refused, he’s either very brave, very stupid or western media has blown the risks faced by us (and people like) from religious (muslim) extremists out of all proportion.

    hmmmmm…I wonder.

  7. Cape Buffalo says:

    *J* – its not really a joke man, Bill O’Riley is right, there is a culture war, and WE are LOOSING IT TO THOSE RELIGIOUS Jerks who would like nothing more to impose thier beliefs on others, oppress anyone different than they are (ie homosexuals), and destroy reason and logic forever by teaching nonsense to yet another generation on children in public schools.

    Bobby SHOULD get the FSM-damned Nobel Peace Prize for this.

    I hope there are MILLIONS of highschool students reading this right now who understand the underlying truth and begin to question what their sheepish elders have been telling them for their entire lives!!!


  8. Adam says:

    hey where can i get one of those patches for my uniform???

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