Published February 15th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


I am an Urgent Care doctor in Austin, Tx. I was amazed last night at my clinic to notice this image of the Flying Spaghetti Monster manifested in a puddle of cleaning fluid on our trauma bay gurney. I have always considered myself an agnostic but I must admit this has given me pause. If there is an FSM then this must be a sign that He has blessed my patients with His noodly appendage. For that I am grateful.
–Chad F. Babcock, MD

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  1. Kvasnik says:

    This is utter blasphemy. Nobody should publish or even own images of Him. Creating images of our FSM is not what He desired. Technically we should not even speak His name.

  2. Udon Rock says:

    It should be enshrined….

  3. RabidRunner says:

    Hi. Great site. I run with a bunch of people and we plan to run a relay in June. I came across your site and wondered if you’d have a problem if we named our team Carbo Diem? We’d buy t-shirts, etc.


  4. James D says:

    RabidRunner you may have to e-mail Henderbob about that, I am not sure if he checks the site constantly, or whatever, if he has responded cool, I know as the (read my above post as to how) King/Captain of all pirates that I am very pleased with your actions, and I hope to see you post again, possibly getting your own section if you take a team picture and send it to Henderbob, Good luck in your race and may the FSM sped you along with his noodly appendages, or just eat pasta beforehand and he will be with you, for a few hours anyway.
    James D

  5. Piratus says:

    brittni, that’s right, does “God” ever do it? No. He says anyone you doesn’t like him suffers. Wouldn’t it be amusing if the FSM was like the CEO of the Universe and God is only a janitor or something.

  6. Prop Forward says:

    Piratus, now it begins to make sense. God the janitor was moved to spill cleaning fluid in noodle form on the holy Gurney of Austin. I can only surmise that God seeks release from the prison that his “believers” have constructed around him. We must strive to assist God in his angst; FSM expects no less of us. RAmen

  7. Vermicelli says:

    Has anyone carbon dated this shroud yet?

  8. Franko says:

    This is one of my favorite sightings, all of which are growing ever more numerous. He is with us. Even more important than bodily secretions or spaghetti sauce, this formation of cleaning fluids shows His omnipresence and care for our purity. Jah! Pastafari!

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