Published February 15th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


I am an Urgent Care doctor in Austin, Tx. I was amazed last night at my clinic to notice this image of the Flying Spaghetti Monster manifested in a puddle of cleaning fluid on our trauma bay gurney. I have always considered myself an agnostic but I must admit this has given me pause. If there is an FSM then this must be a sign that He has blessed my patients with His noodly appendage. For that I am grateful.
–Chad F. Babcock, MD

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  1. Mike C. says:

    Ramen brother or sister. We can see here the ever present force of the FSM. You are correct, this is not by random change and he has touched your hospital and gurney with His noodly appendage and given his blessings upon you. As it has been said, cleanliness is next to noodleness.

  2. Barnacle Bill says:

    It is true. The FSM works in mysterious ways.
    said Barnacle Bill the Sailor

  3. Ramen_loving_brittni says:

    Wow… the FSM is so nice to bless the sick ppl who dont even worship him. …unlike a certain christian god!


  4. James D says:

    Ha that is no beard; it is his many, many, noodly appendages. May your hospital wherever it is, continue to be blessed, and may all places where the sick go to receive treatment be blessed by his noodles.
    James D, The (self appointed, possibly FSM anointed,) Captain of the pirates.

  5. mad jack flint says:

    hosanna to the Austin Shroud !

  6. Jon says:

    I was really sad today, too much work then I saw this and I feel inspired, like a born again noodle

  7. Bexx says:

    Oh my FSM, it’s him!

  8. Believah says:

    @ alexis

    It sort of looks like the FSM attacking Jesus’s face. The bottom part looks like a beard.

    I think you are way off about FSM there. I am pretty sure He is a benevolent being, and as such, He would never attack anyone – Not even the competition.


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