for a preschooler

Published February 28th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

for a preschooler you have an avid imaginagtion , but thats OK many before you have chosen to BELIEVE , that the whole enschelada resulted when water hit some rock in outer space and happened to be hit by lightening …..the result was a chain reaction which brought the present mess of drugs , sex and violence to be an everyday happening .

five kids in a BMV at John Travolta`s gated village in Florida tried to test this concept on Jan 26/`08 and were restored to the original rock and water ..the enery was absorbed by a large tree that got into their path and was destroyed , much to the chagrin of John !

If you find this story farfetched , it`s OK to BELIEVE in the FSM or the EVOLUTOIONARY model of your source in the scheme of mother earth ..whovever she is ! I don`t think any one will mind ! Why should anyone be upset by your amusing proposals..they are good for a laugh !


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  1. Francesc says:

    Sorry, it’s only for laugh. Fundies are funny.
    In fact, they would be even funnier if they didn’t rule the most powerfull nation in the world.

  2. skinimini says:

    What the F are you smoking?? Who puts a space between the last word of a sentence and the puncutation mark?? And what are you talking about, ‘If this seems farfetched…’ (it’s far-fetched, btw), it doesn’t even make sense!! Do the rest of us a favor and DO NOT BREED!!!

  3. The PMS Avenger says:

    0_0 Can anyone even tell what he’s saying. I guess if you look at it in a mirror then-

    Oh man, I knew it. In a mirror, it says SO DARK THE CON OF MAN. Don’t you see, this isn’t a hate message. It’s a clue.

  4. Count Crisco says:

    I’m pretty confused right now, because I have no idea what you just said.
    But I think that this isn’t hate mail, in which case it’s good to see that somebody in the hate mail isn’t a moron.

  5. Captain Marcus of The Flying Rubinetto says:

    I love clues! Lets find more, and go on a whirlwind adventure disovering secrets!

  6. higgy says:

    HAHA, fail you can even spell enchilada, point discredited

  7. ME DUH says:

    And your point is?
    Yeah, really, what’s up with the space before punctuation? And why don’t you know how to spell enchilada? (I didn’t even know that was what you meant upon first reading!)
    Peace, Love, and Pirates!!

  8. Piraatje says:

    “Further more, “our silly little book” doesn’t mention either, because the parables, songs, poems, and metaphors which make up the bible are symbolic and the verses themselves were a a cryptic means to pass on information such as current events of the time, rally support for protest, make social commentary, offer advice on healthy and hygienic living, pass on uplifting messages, and teach moral virtues during a time when free speech wasn’t an option. Not to mention the fact that they were authored in such a way as to make these messages much easier to remember since public schooling wasn’t available at that time.”

    -So what you’re saying is, you DON’T believe in god?
    Or is it different for him? You know, the whole symbolism thing and the not existing and all.
    -And you read texts that pass on information such as ancient events?

    I honestly want to know why you choose not to follow those metaphors, and just ‘live right’, but instead truly believe in what you yourself called symbolic verses and metaphors. You can’t just say that the dragons and fairies weren’t real, but Heaven and God is.

    And by the way, there are a LOT of your fellow-believers that actually think the whole bible thing is true, word for word. You know, with the walking on water, and the millions of animals one one boat and all…

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