for a preschooler

Published February 28th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

for a preschooler you have an avid imaginagtion , but thats OK many before you have chosen to BELIEVE , that the whole enschelada resulted when water hit some rock in outer space and happened to be hit by lightening …..the result was a chain reaction which brought the present mess of drugs , sex and violence to be an everyday happening .

five kids in a BMV at John Travolta`s gated village in Florida tried to test this concept on Jan 26/`08 and were restored to the original rock and water ..the enery was absorbed by a large tree that got into their path and was destroyed , much to the chagrin of John !

If you find this story farfetched , it`s OK to BELIEVE in the FSM or the EVOLUTOIONARY model of your source in the scheme of mother earth ..whovever she is ! I don`t think any one will mind ! Why should anyone be upset by your amusing proposals..they are good for a laugh !


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  1. Nephelos says:

    That’s all well and good, Mr Bush, but you see, we have evidence.

  2. DAFYK says:

    we do believe in the FSM!

  3. Dan says:


    Why is it that all the people who send hate mail sound very stupid doing it?

  4. lazlow says:

    “Why should anyone be upset by your amusing proposals..they are good for a laugh !”
    That’s a good question and it really deserves a question mark “?”. And yet, a lot of people do seem to get upset by the FSM and evolution and they send angry emails to the good prophet and tells us that we will incur the wrath of God and burn in Hell. Oh, and threaten to eat the Spaghetti Monster, noodles, balls and all! So I don’t think you’re amused by it, I think you’re threatened by it. We have a real, live, genuine prophet! Living, breathing and drinking beer! While yours are long gone and not coming back. You start to see that the model of your creation does not correspond to the real world, not by a long shot, and you start lashing out at the ones that do.
    You’re not laughing. You’re weeping like a little baby, stomping your feet, huffing and puffing, and screaming that the world is unfair cause you’ve just wasted all your time on a book that doesn’t add up. Not even through wishful thinking.

  5. brian says:

    Does your middle name start with W?

    Believe in evolution? Wha-? What you have done is revealed your complete ignorance of science.

    If your magical sky fairy told you 2+2=5 you would say it is, despite all evidence to the contrary. Here is the problem with your simple minded ideals:



    The Theory (capital T) of Evolution is mankind’s understanding of the this SCIENTIFIC Process. Just like your bible is mankind’s understanding of a wonderful fairy world with dragons and unicorns (forgot they are in your precious bible didn’t you?) Funny thing. Science explains dinosaurs. Pastafarianism talks of pirates.

    Your silly book fails to mention either.

  6. Farseer says:

    Good call, oh obtuse one. Only pastafarians get in car wrecks now?

  7. Bill Davis says:


  8. Joe Marinara says:

    et. al.

    Who’s the preschooler?

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