Adam and Eve and the FSM

Published February 14th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

A creation by Baron Bob, “I always knew Meatballs were the source of all knowledge, protein, fibre just a hint of garlic. An acrylic attempt to bridge picture the FSM truth.”


I like it – very nice.

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  1. Wench Sophie says:


  2. Pastopia says:

    a song for you,
    …on top of spaghetti
    all covered in cheese
    i lost my poor meat ball
    when somebody sneezed
    it rolled off the table
    and on to the floor
    and then my poor meat ball
    rolled out of the door
    it rolled in the gerden
    and under a bush
    and now my poor meat ball
    is nothing but moosh
    TEN THOUSAND years later
    a meatball tree grew
    and now my poor meat ball
    is back in the stew!!!

  3. Jake says:

    first, and very nice i like it

  4. Gary says:

    Good to see the truth in graphic form. Was Eve really a blonde, though? Hmm.

  5. An Evil Unknown Unseen Killer :-[ says:

    You probably photoshopped it. Nice, anyway :)

  6. An Evil Unknown Unseen Killer :-[ says:

    Pastopia has a cute song :) Even though I’m vegan those are good lyrics :)

  7. #4 Ziti says:

    From hearsay to hallowed, it was, indeed, a sun dried tomato, not an apple, which convinced them to be pastafarians when The Majestic Flying Spaghetti Monster created them: Adam from whole grain, Eve from refined grain (and thus her blonde hair).

  8. Ramen_loving_brittni says:

    Pastopia, AWESOME song! i shall memorize and recite it. oh, nice pic 2

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