You have caught my attention

Published January 1st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You have caught my attention Bobby Henderson. You know what you’re doing. You don’t believe any of this, but since you’ve decided to make a war against Jesus, then, let it begin. My campaign against you begins now. You aren’t going to remain unopposed any longer.

You are unheard of to most Christians; that is why you seem to be doing so well in your campaign. The best thing that I can do is to simply bring you out of the dark and let Christians know who you are and why you exist, and with their combined prayers and the work of the Holy Spirit in all of them, see how well you stand. Our God is powerful and courageous and REAL…

My prayers will be that you turn from this nonsense and see Jesus and the love that He and His followers have waiting for you. Hopefully, one day, you’ll be saved and your efforts will be for Jesus. That is my prayer for you. Not hate. Not bad luck. Just love and change.

But make no mistake, I can’t stand by idly and not act against what you’re doing. I want you to know that none of this is out of anger or anything related; it just saddens me; therefore, I must oppose you. Maybe we will cross paths and be able to talk face to face one day when everything has come to light for everyone. I’ll shake your hand and smile and respect you, but I will never stop trying to undo what you are doing.

I pray that you remain well.

In Christ,

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  1. Starbuckaneer says:

    Look out! We have been oppose-ed!!!!! We should probably stop.

  2. bill tomlinson says:

    These responses are why I realize I missed this place. So much fun and insight. I can’t add much. But I’m curious about what “In Christ” means. Is that a sexual reference?

  3. Satan says:

    “I want you to know that none of this is out of anger or anything related; it just saddens me; therefore, I must oppose you.”
    You sadden me too, but I’m not going to “oppose” you- whatever that term exactly means. You have freedom of speech and religion and so do I.
    People believe different things. Please learn to live and let live instead of “opposing” anybody who thinks a bit differently than you do.

  4. Satan says:

    And by the way, there’s no crusade against Christianity going on here. Just because we poke fun at other religions and argue their validity doesn’t mean we’re actively seeking their destruction.

  5. RAmen says:

    What I love most about Pastafarianism and his holy FSM is that it’s just as plausible, and just as prooveable (I realise that’s not a word, just work with me) as the other religions…
    I can’t proove FSM exists,
    and you can’t proove he doesn’t

  6. Etay says:

    Jesus is a nice guy, but God is a total dick head.

  7. micyme says:

    Hello Fellow Believer Page

    I am WITH YOU in this FIGHT AGAINST these PAGANS

    through the power of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour

  8. micyme says:

    Jeus will come to earth and Judge all of creation thats what it says in the Bible

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