you guys are just crazy

Published January 25th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You guys are just crazy with no life……Spaghetti monster????? even I could come up with something better – I pride myself on being a satanist. You guys are so fucking crap it makes me sick. You’re all blind and headed aon the wrong path – I’m not trying to drag you into satanism – it’s not what we do, but I’m just saying: OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES!!!!! THERE’S NO SUCH FUCKING THING AS THE SPAGHETTI MONSTER!!!!!

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  1. Udon Rock says:

    Is it crazy to love the pasta? If so, I don’t want to be sane. RAmen.

  2. matt says:

    Don’t bash the pasta guys. They have a very valid theory that is more reasonable than any other religion/belief. There is not Satan, just a guy named Santa and Stan, but most definately, no Satan.

  3. Cap'n Wolf says:

    Sanity is for non-religious people.

    • Alphy says:

      Amen, brotha! Amen I say!

    • basicdesign says:

      Wolfie, It’s Râmen, and you’re allowed to write it without the accent if you are too poor for those, only coz we be a tolerant bunch. In fact it should be Râ-hâ-hâmen, at least that’s how it’s said. If we were christians you’d be crucified upside-down for having a keyboard without the proper accent/s.

      • basicdesign says:

        Ah, sorry Wolfie, that was meant for Alphie.

      • basicdesign says:

        sorry Alphie, I got attacked by a bout of authoritarianism, don’t know how that came over me. Will try to keep such out, promise.

  4. Earthbreaker says:

    I know a lot of Computer Science students who literally worship Serial ATA technology

    SATAists they are!

  5. eddie says:

    lol ween will people start 2 realise that we pastafariansare not satanists

  6. Captain Philaaarrrrhhh! says:

    This guy is a disgrace to the Church of Satan. Anton Lavey must be spinning so fast in his casket, we should probably afix a dynamo and get some power for at least a small town.

    Shame on you, false Satanist.


    P.S: I’m not a Satanist myself, but have read and enjoyed Lavey’s books.

  7. Good Cribz PTLG says:

    ….And there’s no such thing as Satan, fgt.

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