this is going to sound kinda christian

Published January 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

ok this is going to sound kinda christian but i think it’ll be alright. i just want to say how much pastafarianism has improved my life. i was down in the dumps thinking that life in general just sucked. then i saw a book. a book called the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster. it was like this big wet noodle had just came down and slapped me across the face. i had found religion. i mean a beer volcano and a striper factory what more could anyone ask for. i any event i wish to thank all of you who prove that if i’m crazy i ain’t the only one. and i want to thank the FSM for all he does or doesn’t do b/c thats just how he is.

44 Responses to “this is going to sound kinda christian”

  1. jon says:

    oh yes brother this is the spirit He is with us all in 2008! FSM Bless America!!

  2. Fusillier says:

    Zer0 – Suiperb! You are a genius

  3. Pluto says:

    @ 1drunkhippie
    No threats of hell fire and damnation!
    No calling us gays or threatening to violate us!
    No hatred at all in fact!
    You don’t sound Christian at all, welcome abroad!

  4. bombadil says:

    @ irate Pirate
    hippies don’t wah teir hair anyway;)
    my mom’s a hippie, how come i can never escape the smell of patchouli

  5. Theo says:

    I do not wish to be affiliated with hippies.

  6. Luke Miller says:

    I know the feeling.

  7. James D says:

    well hippie or no (grrr hippies) it is good that you were touched by his noodly appendage, welcome to the good ones welcome to those touched by a noodly appendage

  8. Cap'n Ollie says:

    Hey- so what if he’s a hippy?
    Are we all not equal in the eyes of the FSM?

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