this is going to sound kinda christian

Published January 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

ok this is going to sound kinda christian but i think it’ll be alright. i just want to say how much pastafarianism has improved my life. i was down in the dumps thinking that life in general just sucked. then i saw a book. a book called the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster. it was like this big wet noodle had just came down and slapped me across the face. i had found religion. i mean a beer volcano and a striper factory what more could anyone ask for. i any event i wish to thank all of you who prove that if i’m crazy i ain’t the only one. and i want to thank the FSM for all he does or doesn’t do b/c thats just how he is.

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  1. ShadowTheNinja says:

    Just stumbled upon this place.

    Also, hippies are sweet! They may take drugs but they are damn cool. I am a hippie to be!

  2. sheldon says:

    pastafarianism has changed my life

  3. Cap'n Wolf says:


  4. Pasta pirate says:

    Pastafarianism, gave my life meaning.

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