this is complete nonsense

Published January 24th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

OK, I agree that this is a bunch of complete nonsense. All you people who actually think that a flying spaghetti monster created us are just confirmation that this world is soon coming to an end. I pray that someone around you will show you the Bible someday soon and that you turn to Jesus Christ our savior so God can have mercy on your souls, because if not, you’re all going to hell.
with pity,

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  1. New Pastafarian says:

    Wow…. Some people actually take this seriously? They honestly think there’s a bunch of people out there worshipping a flying ball of spaghetti? And those people have the gall to call these “pastafarians” stupid? Honestly, if you’re stupid enough to beleive that a group of people actually beleive the world was created by levitating Italian cuisine, do us all a favour and don’t breed.

    P.S: It’s amazing how 90% of the people calling the FSM stupid can’t spell as well as a 5th grader.

  2. paleo says:

    Do the people who come here not realize that the Flying Spagetti Monster is a parody and that the religion is a parody.

  3. voice of sanity says:

    About one Sunday a month, I take my grandmother to church. It’s not my thing, but it means the world to her and offers her a little comfort that maybe I won’t end up in hell. She’s 91, has always been good to me and I figure it’s the least I can do to alleviate a little anxiety in the old girl’s life. I am always respectful when I enter her house of worship, I stand when I am supposed to, I sit when I am supposed to, I sing along when I am supposed to and in general try not to embarrass my grandmother. When the minister takes the passage of the bible and tries to re-direct the meaning to further a personal agenda, I don’t stand up and point it out. When the same minister tries to belittle me in front of my grandmother for not attending every Sunday, I merely smile politely. My point being, I would never attempt to demean someone else’s spirituality just so I can feel superior. I have read the bible and feel it was never intended to be taken literally. It was written as parable much like the Tortoise and the Hare. When I read that it never occurred to me that there was really a talking rabbit and turtle having a race. I recognized it as a bigger lesson. While I would never refer to myself as a Christian, I do recognize that if you were to live your life as Jesus suggested, it would indeed be a much nicer place. Unfortunately, there are far too many Christians who use the book as an excuse to stand in judgment of others “Judge not lest ye be judged”, as an excuse to point others perceived faults “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone” etc.etc. I could go on and take a few pot shots at the Fred Phelps types but I won’t cuz he’s just too stupid for words. Just once I would like to hear someone from the Christian faith explain to me why they always want to glom onto the Old Testament when they feel like hating on other people. If you are truly a follower of Jesus, then it is his teachings you should paying closer attention to.

  4. Kvasnik says:

    We fear not of Hell, for the FSM will come and rescue us from it.

  5. Markus says:

    I read the bible, but all the talking burning bushes, talking snakes, and people randomly turning to salt weirded me out. I think a flying spaghetti monster makes just a little bit more sense.

  6. James D says:

    We have a bible, and it is much better than your own so get over it.
    James D, king of pirates

  7. Josh says:

    This person exemplifies the ignorance of all fundamentalist religion followers. Christian-Wright people like “anonymous” think anyone who does not accept Jesus as their lord and savior is going to “hell”.

    Honestly, Fuck you. You are the root of all evil in the world. I would laugh if there was a holocaust for fundamentalist Christians. Religion has not done anything significant for the progress of man, ever.

    We’d have great fun in “hell” with all of the other smart, intelligent people that ever went against the Christianity. Only, hell doesn’t exist.

    And yes, this Religion (Pastafarianism) is a satire religion poking fun at people who believe in “intelligent design,” but at least it makes sense. It makes just as much sense as any other religion.

    If only there was a “bad” place where all the “bad” people would go, like the guy who says we’re all going to his “hell”.

    It almost seems as if he is trying to put other people down for not being like him. That’s a sin, right?

  8. Cap'n Wolf says:

    Our Gospel is the truth.

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