this is complete nonsense

Published January 24th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

OK, I agree that this is a bunch of complete nonsense. All you people who actually think that a flying spaghetti monster created us are just confirmation that this world is soon coming to an end. I pray that someone around you will show you the Bible someday soon and that you turn to Jesus Christ our savior so God can have mercy on your souls, because if not, you’re all going to hell.
with pity,

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  1. PastaFAIRYan says:

    Oh please.
    There is no more proof that God or Jesus exists than there is for our beloved FSM.
    Stop bashing the Wiccans, and the Atheists, and every other belief system there is…
    what was it that Christ said about turning the other cheek?!

  2. Joshua says:

    you mention that youare upset over other peoples intolerance to faiths not of their own.

    i smell hypocrisyyyyy!!!!
    yeah thats right you bitch

  3. John says:

    What I find strange about all you religeous people is you dont think you have to qaulify your beliefs. If you believe in one form of politics or another, or economics, or Science you are required to qaulify it. But religeous people claim ndignation when you question their beliefs. Why the difference? Beliefs are nothing more than opinion without evidence, or in other words prejudice. Of course the Flying Spaghetti Monster is nonsense and I dont think the creators of FSM take it seriously, the irony (something Americans have difficulty understanding) is that it could, if you so desire it to, be taken as reality, all you need to do is believe or have faith as a Christian would pontificate. Here in lies the point, believe as I previously mentioned, is only an opinion and not based on any tangible evidence. What I find ammusing about the semitic religeons of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is that the proponents of these sky God religeons choose to believe a barbaric “Bronze Age” text known as the Old and subsequent New Testments which was created by old tribal men several thousand years ago, probably somewhat akin to the backward thinking Taliban running around Afghanistan today.

    Depite the fact that science has proven large parts of the bible wrong like ‘day being created before the sun’ etc you choose to keep believing. Your Abrahamic God must have being playing a good joke on your prophets for them to put it into writting. The reality of this is, that if things like the sun coming after day (when we know the sun actually creates the day) is wrong, how much else is wrong in the bible. Yet creationists want intelligent design to be taught in school by the same God who proclaimed the sun was created after day? Should we confront these beliefs? Yes! whole heartidly! Are these beliefs dangerous?…. What do you think? Hey there’s a thought Christians, try thinking! It really is so important!

  4. Whitney says:

    god iz not real get the fuck over it people.
    there iz no heaven or hell.
    if you believe in god thats great.
    but don’t shove it down our throats.

  5. PastaIsForever says:

    Anonymous X-tian,
    It is SO important that you succumb to his noodly goodness. For he loves you so much, and wants what is best for you. His noodles are the only way for you to find happiness, and freedom from ID.
    I was a lost soul like you, but his noodles have touched my very soul. I used to smoke crack while drinking a fifth and driving (on the way to an ID class), but his noodles have rescued me from the bondage and human misery that is ID. I am now a repentant Pastafarian, and have found a being who truly loves me unconditionally(and pirates, too).
    Find your noodly master, before it is too late!!

  6. Gerafin says:

    To NIKKI…
    You told me to watch myself. I am. I am watching myself living life to its fullest, basking in my noodly deity’s glory. I also watch “hardcore” Christians avoid life’s great joys, ignore reason, instill hatred, and base their actions upon a few select things that their carb-free god said, ignoring the rules that would actually make them decent people…
    And to frayedjade…

  7. Fibble Wibble says:

    Are you trying to convert us? Nice technique. Why can’t you just leave we Pastafarians alone? We don’t do anything wrong–what,’d you hear about this from a friend and decide to start crapping on it? Why? Shouldn’t you tolerate other religions? That’s what the Christian god is all about, right? Also, there aren’t any crappy belief videos or advertisements for FSM. Date Christian Singles? That’s all that ever shows up in my bulk folder! Who precisely sends those emails out? Again, I say nice conversion technique, and I hope this leaves you with something to chew on.

  8. Random Pastafarian says:

    I just love how people believe that Pastafarians really believe in the FSM. It truly is a treat to see them rage and vent at how “stupid” we are, and how we are doomed to hell. I take endless enjoyment out of reading things that people wrote seemingly to mock us, but in the end they only mock themselves.

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