something fishy

Published January 15th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

From Tyler:

It was while I was doing some particularily noodly calculations on my calculator that the darn thing ran out of power. So I replaced the batteries and turned it on to find a true miracle awaiting me. The FSM had touched my calculator and left his noodly pirate fish sign… plus a noodly signature so everyone knows that he did it.



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  1. Plancked says:

    Other Religions might have images of their deities appear in food or other things, but only the FSM can appear on a mathematical instrumment, surely this shows he controls science, just as was predicted!

  2. Justin says:

    Quick question what is up with the “RAmen” thing. Please tell me so I can further my knowledge.

  3. sheldon says:

    justin its kinda like amen in a way go to wikipedia
    and very nice i also have a question why do christians hate us email me ill respond [email protected]

  4. Cap'n Wolf says:

    His power is visible even in logic! RAmen.

  5. Roxical says:

    Praise Him and his noodely appendage!

    Would thou be able to send me the equation that provided such a marvel?! Also, the settings. I use a TI-84 plus. Scientific proof of His noodely power!


  6. Robin Risk says:

    What’s the formula?
    Or, to formulate better the question: How the *pasta* did you do that?

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