I have seen the light

Published January 13th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I have seen the light- oh yes, I have found a home, My love and I shall someday sleep so soundly covered in his glorious noodley apendages, til We awaken on our mountain.To the sound of flowing beer. How Great thy be, oh, Flying Spaghetti monster, for making birds fly, and all we mortal humans to not fall off the earth by holding down on all our heads, in such a kind way that mere mortal scientists mistake, as a silly theory ,they call gravity.If it be thy will, I shall thow myself off this cliff, as I have the faith in you, that you shall, for that moment not push on my sinfull head and I shall fly. No, great Fying Spaghetti Monster. I forgot, It is written. Thy shall not test the great Flying Spagegetti monster. To do so Would make a mortal guilty of the sin of Flip-Flopping. A sin punnishable by loosing elections, or at least making voting machines be tampered by Your evil Darkside counterparts…. The unnamed, lacking of humour and soul. RAmen.

Love to you all- You know who you are.
-Humbug Viking

21 Responses to “I have seen the light”

  1. Cap'n Ollie says:

    Imagine doing the FSM….
    Im not sure as to whether im aroused or repulsed….

  2. MeatySauce says:

    Al dente be the noodles, and meaty be the sauce! RAmen, Viking. See you at the beer volcano!

  3. glenghis kahn says:

    I want to know more on the theory of gravy. do you have it with meat balls , or bolloknaise

  4. jain awain says:

    This is such a fantastic website.Thankyou for showing us the way.I was lost and now i am found.I was without pasta and now I have it.praise him.praise him.praise him.

  5. Cap'n Wolf says:


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