Paper Shredder

Published January 10th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

From Greg:

While working at home yesterday, I heard an ominous sound, and saw a flash of light emanating from my paper shredder. I looked down and to my astonishment, I spotted FSM, in all his glory, peeking out from inside the shredder. I felt obligated to document and inform you of this latest sighting. I feel very fortunate to have been chosen to see him, and to be touched by his noodly appendage.


49 Responses to “Paper Shredder”

  1. I love eruptions in heaven says:

    Paper shredders always do that, surely?
    yes they do, that’s the great part
    now how about we grab some Xian pamflets and push them in a paper shredder, now THAT will make them convert.

  2. Pirate Bard says:

    Oh, come on Cap’n Ollie. If people can see Jesus in a burnt piece of toast, or Mary in a water stain, why be skeptical of the one True and All-Powerful Spaghetti Monster making an appearance in a shredded paper bin? Cast aside your doubt and embrace His Noodlyness! Ramen!

  3. new york pastafarian says:

    proof once more of the ever present noodles
    but you’re right ollie,could be anything

    but as the fundies say “have faith, use your imagination and noone can prove you wrong”

  4. StJason says:

    You know what I like about this moderation thing? Ten people a day declaring gold. At least it got rid of the posts that were nothing but medal placing…

    Greg: Whatever you do, do NOT put pasta in your paper shredder! Concentrating that much Noodlyness into one place may cause Him to appear, beginning the end times, also known as “The FSM gets tired of this stuff” or “The Empty Bowl”.

    …Plus, it may cause Tom Hanks to make a boring movie about murder and conspiracies to cover up decedents of His sauceline. Or something. I couldn’t pay attention to that lame movie.

  5. snowy says:

    More solid evidence.

    I just don’t know how there can be any FSM deniers left.

  6. Delilah says:

    It’s a miracle…

  7. ۞ says:

    That is the worst sighting I’ve ever seen.
    It’s a debasement of genuine sightings to try and get that accepted.
    Sometimes I’m not sure all the people who post here take this seriously enough.

  8. Noodly Servant says:

    I wish He would bless me with His presence :(

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