One might think

Published January 16th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

One might think I would be offended by your site due to my own Christian beliefs. However, I am not offended in the least on any religious point. Rather, I am offended by the fact that anyone would link your mediocre parody to the esteemed satire of Jonathan Swift. Perhaps it was an ironic comparison – Scientific American’s own feeble attempt at parody and satire. In any case, I feel better knowing, with full confidence, that a man such as yourself, with a mind such as yours, from which spawned the FSM religion, would never buy into his own press. And you’ve really made it now that your religious tract has made it all the way to Overstock.com. Congratulations!

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  1. Song says:

    @ E
    I’m sure that the Flying Spaghetti Monster approves fully of reciting Monty Python (as I do occasionally myself.) He is known for having a superior sense of humour.
    Welcome into the fold!

  2. frayedjade says:

    “sheerblather” – What a perfect screenname to choose for the sheer blather you just posted. At least you got something right when you chose that name.

  3. Tyler Swagar says:

    Last time I checked, Mr. Henderson never compared himself to Jonathan Swift. If you still feel the need to complain, I recommend instead sending angry messages to Amazon.

  4. Cap'n Wolf says:

    I agree with Tyler Swagar. At least we not be whining like landlubbers.

  5. sheerblather says:

    If only I were offended by “the Gospel”. . . wasn’t . . . still ain’t. And, yes, I did read it because I always love a good laugh . . . couldn’t find one . . . ho-hum. Only back to visit this time because I googled myself, saw a link to my post here, which I had forgotten entirely – along with this entire pasta universe. However, how delighted was I to read your posts! Sheerblather spawning more sheer blather. 96.666% of the internet is already sheer blather. Whatever part I can play in getting that percentage higher, much higher, like to 96.7%, will only delight me more. If I am offended by anything, it is the post that called me a “tightwad” – whatever could have given you that idea? Not the generous tips I faithfully leave in your coffeehouse tip jars. “Uppity” for sure – glad of it. But “tightwad”? That hurts.

  6. Bucken says:

    And you’re so unoffended that you choose to write you’re unoffended at least 2 times. I applaud you for having at least the decency to not post ridiculous screaming b.s. on this site.
    I am however disappointed that you don’t have it in you to acknowledge the fact that our religion is filled with humour. Because it is, try to realise that if you’re the only one not finding it funny, it’s probably your fault. As far as proper burns go, saying you think something’s not funny, is only lukewarm.
    And don’t think you’re s00perc00l for googling yourself. It’s really quite sad. Don’t anounce it to others.
    Otherwise, keep at it. You’re by far one of the most literate hate-posters on the site. Although your hate spewing could use some work. (Try using swear words more often to get your points across, like most christians do)

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