new graphics

Published January 1st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Some new wallpaper/graphics created by Sara:



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  1. Pacific Pam says:

    Whoa…I need to get one of those for my apartment…

  2. Cottura 5 Minuti says:

    Thanks! This will make a great addition to any movie poster collection.

  3. Mike says:

    Sara I love the first one, I think that may need to go on the laptop.

    Pasta be with you,

  4. JR says:

    It really kills me to see the hate mail section of this site. After thousands of years or religious “crusades” and the countless loss of life in the name of “God” people still find the need to express themselves through hatred. Organized religion is about one thing INTOLLERANCE. Members of one religion hate members of all others based on principal and will attack without cause or notice.

    I think it is interesting to point out that have never once heard a Pastafarian bash another religion. Sure we use satire and subtle humor to get our point across to the masses, but when was the last time the Noodly Master had pirates flying airplanes into occupied buildings?

    I rest my case!
    May you all be touched by his noodly appendage!


  5. JR says:

    I know I ranted in the wrong section. I loved the first one….set it to my wallpaper. I can see the noodly masters handywork in your illustrations!

  6. sarah says:

    lovin this still!!!!! thanks for posting!!

  7. Codex says:

    Its been forever since anyone posted here, and I am sure no one will read this. But the pirate, before clicking to make the background larger, looks like an otter. I thought it WAS an otter in reference to the Atheist episode on Southpark.

    • Keith says:

      I’m sure there are pirate otters, just as there are pirate fish (viz, the exploding cake episode of Spongebob). the confusion is therefore understandable.

      • Thomas L. Nielsen says:

        I thought “Polar Bear” when I first look at the thumbnail. But then I wouldn’t be surprised if some Polar Bears turn to piracy now that the icecaps are melting under them (Pirate Polar Bears! We’re so screwed……).

        Thomas L. Nielsen
        Worldwide Polar Bear Piracy Watch
        Luxembourg office*

  8. Oscar Sprague says:

    Reverse that way of thinking and they might see some lost sheep coming back, only for the cookies! Some of them (the cookies, not the lost sheep) look a bit like two-headed squids. Well, squids are pretty close to Pirates too, aren’t they? happy wheels 3D

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