Did Moses see the FSM?

Published January 20th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

A very clever man who I know only as Theologikos has made the claim that Moses did not see a Burning Bush, but instead our Flying Spaghetti Monster.

He makes the argument that Moses may simply have had bad eyesight. If this was the case, what looked like a Burning Bush could easily have been the FSM.

With perfect vision, it’s easy to tell the two apart:


But with bad eyesight, the two look very similar:


I’m convinced. Thank you, Theologikos.

You can watch the youtube presentation here.

57 Responses to “Did Moses see the FSM?”

  1. macarrones con chorizo says:

    From Spain we believe that yours god is a shit. We prefer the macarroni with chorizou.

  2. vusumzi says:

    i think moses leave with other peaple at that time.then why there’s no one see what he claim to be hapened in his presence,you can go to every where anywhere no burning bush may be able to speak

  3. Amanda says:

    Theologikos is HOT. ;-) (I mean this is a friendly, personality-driven way, of course.) This is great, very funny and intelligent.

  4. Luba says:

    You peolple don’t even have an idea of what Bible says, Moses was a young man when he saw a burning bush because he ran away from Egypt at that time and became a shepard. You make fun of Bible facts but take a “pasta monster” as a reality? This generation is only living on imagination from tv’s and video games.

  5. ash says:

    you are insane. i just read the bible and it says that his eye site never went bad and he was never weak. and i totally agree with luba

  6. yo man =] says:

    what the heck, seriously the guy who thought this up is *&^*&^, why would there be a pasta monster anyway it’s just like seeing a flying u.F.O ahahahahha get it??????~

  7. KMill says:

    “…You peolple don’t even have an idea of what Bible says…”

    Yeah, I read it – this is my summary of the entire book: BULLSHIT.

    As usual, a bunch of Christians just picking and choosing which bits of the buybull they take literally and which they interpret figuratively… ARRRRRGH!!!! The stupid, it BURNS!

  8. Me says:

    You may say anything you want but the time WILL come and you will have to answear to God. What will you say then?

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