Mexico FSM sculptures

Published January 20th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Madd Dogg Charlie sent us the following:

These two sculptures on the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico are obvious artist’s renditions of the FSM. Puerto Vallarta sits on the Bay of Banderas, a hot bed of pirate activity in days of yore. In fact, pirate ships still plow the bay, a favorite tourist tour. It’s probably the reason that the water in the bay is so cool even in December.



16 Responses to “Mexico FSM sculptures”

  1. Cap'n Joe the Wolf Pirate says:

    @lilwench the bottom one does indeed look like cthulhu,but the top picture is obviously our Noodly Lord,mexico is touched by his noodlyness!!

  2. breakinpoint says:

    Road trip to set up a shrine around it anyone?

  3. ElementNineteen says:

    The statue in the second image even depicts the FSM raining joy upon his followers… He’s happy too! I need one of those statues so I can put it in my front doorway.

  4. Brittni_Lover_of_RAmen says:

    The artist is very talented! His noodly goodness looks great

    peace love and pirates


  5. Felix says:

    “the second image even depicts the FSM raining joy upon his followers” – or perhaps reaching for several beers…

  6. JBENDER23 says:

    Haha, Cthulu…not a monster of Hades, but a loyal servant of the FSM

  7. Shrödinger's Wife says:

    The proof of FSM’s existence just keeps on coming. Wonderful observations.

  8. Cap'n Wolf says:

    Hooray for His greatness! RAmen.

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