woman kicked off bus for reading the bible too loudly, claims persecution

Published January 3rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


CBS reports a lady was escorted off a public bus after reading the bible too loudly.

Lutz, a Seventh Day Adventist, and her children were on their way to church.

Lutz claims the driver told her it wasn’t the time or place to read the bible. “I said, ‘Oh, but it’s the perfect time and the perfect place since it is our Sabbath and it is the time with the Lord and therefore I’m going to continue.’ And I continued,” Lutz said.

A supervisor was called in, she refused to quiet down, and was escorted off the bus. She now claims she was being persecuted for her beliefs.

You can read about it here.

A note to the Bus Lady: That’s not persecution. Persecution would have been if the rest of the bus was full of Muslim and Hindu passengers, all reading their religious texts loudly, and you – and only you – were kicked off the bus for reading aloud from your Christian Bible. What happened is that you were being rude and insensitive to the other passengers, wanted special treatment, and were rejected.

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  1. Song says:

    It’s unlikely that this type of seriously flaw in logic happens too often, but it does seem that some people think that anything even vaguely relating to their religion where somebody else does something they don’t like is “religious persecution”. All I can do is shake my head.

    @ Robc
    – “I kept seeing Lutz as ‘Lulz’”
    So did I. I was so surprised, I actually did a double-take.

  2. Spaghetti Dragon says:

    I wonder if she would claim the same thing if she read the bible loudly in the library.

  3. Lord Zero says:

    Its incredible something like that could reach
    the news… that woman, has no respect for anyone, disturbing
    them, disrespecting the rules, making fun of the people who
    really has been persecuted…

    Im from Chile, a great sudamerican country, in which never
    has happened things alike… USA really freaks me out, with all
    of those religion fanatics…

    Im a cientist myself, and a atheist too, i fear for my life, those
    god creepies would really kill me just because i have what they lack
    so much… critical thinking…

    Its so fearful, so much hate, so much anger… how religious people
    can be so agressive ?, if god really did exist, they would go straight to

  4. Grave says:

    That would be really dumd… its a library she would not have a reazon to read out loud… then again….

  5. sheldon says:

    i think she should have been asked to read more quitely because there is no need to force veiws apon people

  6. inufan5 says:

    wheres the bus driver how come he doesnt tell his side of the story, oh ya it would make a christian look bad, we cant have that can we. people like that are the reason the ice caps are melting.

  7. Ayumi-chan says:

    Why was she reading it out loud anyway? Fine, read it silently by all means, but I don’t see why you’d WANT to read out loud at all, let alone loudly enough to get kicked off.

  8. jasmin says:

    Did anyone investigate her for a psychological disorder.Often a single individuals behavior is taken to far and a whole church is for condemend for their beliefs.

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